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Agenda Bender
Saturday, April 19, 2003  

Invisible Ditties

Maybe I'm a real bobo, but who is this Cuban pianist dude Gonzalo Rubalcaba and why didn't anybody hold me down and tell me about him before now? I'm just learning about him from a Charlie Haden record that he arranged and played piano on. There's one Rubalcaba composition on it too, it's called Transparence and it is so subtle, pure and beguiling that Rubalcaba has got me in a panic. I am frantic with the thought that there's more of this stuff to discover, though a little worried too that his catalogue as described on Amazon looks weighted towards pyrotechnics, so maybe this turn with Haden is an anomaly. I couldn't care less about Rubalcaba (or anybody else) as a piano god, but anyone who can write a tune like Transparence is worth a thorough investigation. I wonder if Castro has had him arrested yet. Green fatigued, scrawny bearded, can't-shut-up-on-a-dare motherfucker that he is.

Transparence is the Agendabender melody of the season for Spring 2003.

Oh yeah, he's not half-bad looking either. Flat out cute in some pics. Gonzalo Rubalcaba is the Agendabender piano tickler and pounder of the year (yes, already) for 2003.

10:28 AM

Friday, April 18, 2003

Hood, Good, Wood

Listening to old cd's at work, I heard one of my favorite lyrics. Bonnie Raitt wrote it. I think she's only written a handful of songs, but she could retire on the greatness of the punchline here:

That summer night in Texas, baby
Too hot and wet to sleep
I heard you pull up in the distance
You're comin' to get me relief
We went screamin' down the highway, baby
So much faster than we should
You pulled me over in the moonlight
Man, I still can feel that hood

Hahahaha, not exactly June, moon, spoon. But you really need to hear her sing it too. One of the very few songs that made me laugh out loud the first time I heard it, and made me smile every time after.

3:29 AM

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Popbitch Stumbles

Popbitch, that so great British bastion of scurrilous pop gossip, includes this item in its latest email:

Restrictions on US news reporting:

Follow the link and you'll find a selection of memos that were supposedly issued by executives at an American television network. The memos are absurd frauds, pure unicornshit. Not even well done. Nothing in the article is referenced, the memos came to light through an anonymous mid-level network exec we are told--how's that for meticulous sourcing?

If you read along in the article (Popbitch only linked--and I have to believe only read--the first section) you will find a careful delineation of the religious affiliations of major media players along these lovely lines:

Viacom produces and distributes TV programs for the three largest networks, owns 13 television stations and 12 radio stations. It produces feature films through Paramount Pictures, headed by Jewess Sherry Lansing.

The article is hosted on a site that is a subset of The Barnes Review, a holocaust denial rag. Here's a selection from another article listed on the TBR frontpage, alongside the phony internal news memorandum story Popbitch linked:

One of the, contentions of Weissberg's book is that the German Nazis were always pursuing a zig-zag policy throughout the war between the emigration of the Jews from Europe and their physical extermination. Weissberg confessed at the start a complete, lack of documentary sources to prove that Hitler ever intended the physical destruction of all Jews as such, but he nevertheless uncritically accepted the widely-propagated myth of the liquidation of six million Jews.

Tragically, I must now question Popbitch's editorial standards overall . It was a throwaway link, not a featured item, but still it's an obvious paste-up job-- the nutcase vibe is fierce--yet the mighty, blighty Popbitch linked it with a straight face. I will never be able to read items about decayed popstars reduced to penny-ante drug whoredom in the squishy loos of dreadful bars with the same degree of confidence in their existential truth as before. Or perhaps I should more honestly say, it will be a good two or three weeks and a warm day in May before my confidence is restored.

8:38 AM

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Sexy Attachments

Thank God and Allah both that Odai Hussein is (was?) straight. Or, if he really was gay, that he went to extraordinary lengths not to appear so. Either way it works for me. And the AP:

Odai's obsession with sex was evident everywhere. The house was adorned with paintings of naked women, as well as bundles of Internet printouts of what appeared to be prostitutes, complete with handwritten ratings of each. One black book listed hundreds of women's names and phone numbers.

One e-mail printout was a complaint from a woman that she was having a difficult time finding heterosexual men in Europe.

"Darling, babe, it's not good timing to send me sexy attachment. OH BOY where am I going to get one guy?" it read in English.

And then there's the Trading Spaces comment from a catty Army Captain, one Ed Ballanco, of Montville, N.J.:

Odai's bed was painted in gold trim, and his bathroom featured a sink and tub fitted with fixtures in a swan motif.

One house apparently wasn't big enough for Odai's women. To one side, a gaudy house filled with bedrooms that is now a camp for U.S. soldiers appeared to once have housed women.

It had statuettes of couples in foreplay, and couches everywhere with fluffy pillows. And it boasted another swimming pool, with a bar.

"The pink and the cheesiness suggest it was a concubines' house," Ballanco said

World War ll gave us The Naked and the Dead. Pray for a great Gulf War ll novel: The Pink and The Cheesiness.

1:28 AM

Monday, April 14, 2003

While Sullivan Rests

More solid gold easy blogging. We're celebarting V-I week with military beefcake. This time we travel to balmy Israel where it is not in the least unusual for IDF hunks to park the jeep beachside and strip down to underpants, dog tags and combat boots just in time to toast the sunset at a sort of campfire happy hour.

More snaps of Israeli soldiers at ease here. Apparently you have to pay for the shots of Israeli soldiers at attention.

AgendaBender, putting the whack back in bivouac for over 48 hours.

9:33 PM

Sunday, April 13, 2003

The Narrow Streets of the Old Quarter

This pic has been a Yahoo News top download most of the week. And it makes for very easy blogging. Much to love about it, in other words.

The photo credit gets gayer as it goes along:

REUTERS/POOL/Ministry of Defense/Giles Penfold

6:31 PM