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Agenda Bender
Friday, October 22, 2004  

The House Hunter

An unlinkable Popbitch parentheses alerted me to the fact that former NFL kicker Cole Ford is being sought for the drive by shooting of Siegfried and Roy's Las Vegas home. Maybe this was big news, but overground news takes a while to reach my cavern lair. Google researched Cole Punter for me. He appears to be another dude driven insane by anti-porn. There are many:

...for the most part, Ford seemed little more than a skosh goofy, a description that might fit any number of kicking specialists.

There was one exception worth mentioning that made me wonder about Cole. I was attempting to interview him in 1997 when he began to shake his head, indicating he wanted no part of it.

It was not your typical "Go away, you lowest of life forms" example of an athlete blowing off a reporter. Not even close.

His reason: Raiders stories were often continued on the inside pages. The inside pages were just chock full of advertisements for escort services, penile augmentations and worse.

Under no circumstance did he want his name to appear on that page alongside such filth. It made him look and feel bad, so, would this writer please cease using his name in the newspaper. I told him that was funny. He told me he was serious.

If you have any doubt what that "and worse" might be referring to, just remember that Cole is the man alleged to have fled the scene of the assassination of Siegfried and Roy's house after yelling,

"We need to get Siegfried and Roy out of our country!”

I asked Google to find me a picture of the fearless mansion slayer, but it couldn't. Though it did find me the picture of this much more pleasant man. He was the featured speaker at the Light Metals Division Luncheon on Wednesday, February 20, 2002. I'm sorry I missed the talk as his topic was a scorcher:

Magnesium, the Uncomfortable Metal with a Comfortable Future

Cole Ford can kiss my sun kitchen, but a Comfortable Man with an Impeccable Past named Dr Gerald S. Cole of the Ford Motor Company is the Agenda Bender Dude of the day for February 20, 2002.

4:08 PM

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Don't Say It For the Children

The he-shouldn't-have-mentioned-Mary majority seems to have settled on you-never-use-politicians'-kids-as-pawns-in-political-battles-with-the-parents as their strongest argument, probably realizing that it's hard to score sympathy points with the he-shouldn't-have-hurt-that-unfortunate-women-by-shining-the-spotlight-on-her-unspeakable-acts routine. Let us ignore for a second that this politician's kid is fully grown up and key political aide of her politician dad. Conservatives have long loved using the circumstances of whole busloads of much younger politicians' kids to expose the hypocrisy of their parents' political stands and voting records. And I've long loved their doing it.

I speak of the many stories generated by conservative policy groups that I've read and relished over the years that report on the large percentage of children of politicians who are sent to private schools while their politician parents benefit from their allegiance to the public school status quo.

1:20 PM


I'm Starting Starting a Men's Magazine Called Frank

The press release behind this story must have been lying on the floor at Agence France Press for twenty years. D'accord?

As Teresa's husband would say.

12:05 AM

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Novelist Opines Present Lies in Shadow of Past

Alan Hollinghurst has won the Booker Prize for his novel The Line of Beauty. I'm hoping the Booker isn't making the Oscar payback move and giving Alan a prize for this book that should have gone to any of his previous three books, but especially the first two, The Swimming Pool Library and The Folding Star. Those two are among the most enjoyable novels I've ever read. The third and much briefer book, The Spell, was splendid too, but since it was shorter there was less to love. I'm a little worried by the title of the new one, though. Beauty is a word to avoid in naming your novel. And your movie, opera or child. I'm less distressed that Alan's take on Thatcherism seems die cut:

The book, Hollinghurst's fourth, explores an era shaped by Thatcher's hard-driving, free-market ethos.

"It was such a ghastly period to live through," Hollinghurst told the British Broadcasting Corp., which carried the awards ceremony. "We're very much living with the consequences of what happened in the Thatcher years now."

I'm betting those years weren't all that ghastly for Alan (or if they were, that Maggie had anything much to do with their ghastliness). I'm not convinced that he could tick off a five fingers worth of woeful consequences either. But I don't go to Mr. Hollinghurst for politics, pro forma or otherwise. Just give me more of those smart, gay, British guys, and the exquisite torture Mr. Hollinghurst subjects them to in his sexy, gearwork plots.

1:31 AM

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

It's Fun To Play At The Not Quite Sure Y

Instapundit has addressed criticism of the directionality of his soft-spinnage and Sullivan has added on with this. So Mr. Reynolds becomes a bit of a story himself today. Good. The criticism is long overdue. His retreat to the it's-just-a-boy-and-his-blog, so-get-used-to-it defense is very similar to Jon Stewart's ploy, i.e., I criticize you but am invincible to serious criticism myself because I am professionally unserious. None dare call it disingenuousness. None dare call Messrs Reynolds and Stewart disingenues. See? I didn't either.

Glenn and Jon both do a lot of this not saying what they just said, too. Stewart claims the smirk exception--comedians are looking for laughs first, so you can never assume they mean what they say. Reynolds invokes the shrug exception, I am who I am and anything I say is my business. So anyone who gets exercised about loaded analysis (and linkage weighted like a fat man on a Playskool see-saw) on his page should just stay out of his backyard. The problem of course is that Stewart does mean some of what he says (but under his rule can't be held to account for any of it), and Reynolds pretends time and again to be an undecided, independent-thinking, open-minded, free agent (but under his rule can never be called out even in those instances when it is the most threadbare pretense).

It is true that you'd have to have been pretty stupid not to have sussed him as a Bush voter from the start, but since he pretended not to be sure himself for the longest time, he should either acknowledge the pretense, or (since that's asking too much of anybody), not get so pissed off when it's pointed out.

Meanwhile I can only thank Glenn for leading me to the video of John Edwards in full defcon 1 primp mode, even as I must point out that Instapundit's own link to it is more than a little ridiculous itself, as its head disappears up its ass in an increasingly predictable way:

EVERYBODY KEEPS SENDING ME THIS JOHN EDWARDS VIDEO FROM SLATE. I'm not quite sure why people see it as such a big deal, but you can look at it and judge for yourself.

He really doesn't appreciate the fluffy absurdity of Edwards' studied comb technique and saucy head tossery? Is that even humanly possible?

You'll know the answer to that after watching the clip. And since Glenn chooses to convey his innocent wonder and express his befuddlement with the big deal by linking it anyway, I'd say Glenn knows the answer, too.

8:23 PM

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Paradise Now

I so love this.

Join in your town here.

2:27 AM