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Agenda Bender
Friday, July 15, 2005  


Yes, it's true, I hold in my hands an early copy of Harry Wonka and the Blood Mistress of Bollocks. I am just finished reading it and can report that Harry dies (twice) and is resurrected (once). Dunderhooks, the enormous (but kind) drunken wizard also dies. As do Harry's friends Ian, Nigel, Pincus, and the girl, Wenchy. The warlock school at Bliggins Castle is burned to the ground by rival kiddie witches. The Blood Mistress is revealed to be Harry's true mom seconds before she throws herself to her, and Wenchy's, death (she lands on Wenchy) from the parapets on Phlegham Keep, the ancestral home of Harry's DNA. Harry dies for the second and last time from the shock and awe of it. Then from out of a cat-hole in the Keep's oaken doors and through the portcullis crawls a newborn infant, the Blood Mistress's last child (she dropped it unawares on the way to the parapets). He is wise, he is good, he is Barry. And he is taking over.

5:26 PM

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fire-Breathing, Insect-Proof, Fast-As-Hell U.S. Babies Say Martian Atmosphere "Not a Problem", Vow Total Colonization of Solar System "As Soon As We Can Walk"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) Unborn U.S. babies are soaking in a stew of chemicals, including mercury, gasoline byproducts and pesticides, according to a report released on Thursday.

10:17 PM


Giving Us Trainee Journalists a Bad Name

I think this is a Karl Kraus line:

Psychiatry is the disease of which it pretends to be the cure.

I've heard the same thing said about alcohol. It could be said of so many things.

I will say it of this.

2:33 AM

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Forefront

I don't know what the Indian newspaper Malayala Manorama's name means, but no matter what it means I wish it were the name of this blog, too. Malayala M.'s headline for its story on the breaking news in the London bombings certainly stood out from the, uh, pack on the Google News page. The I-Subcontinent's bestest blood feud bubbling to the top as always:

Three London bombers were of Pak origin: Police

Also outstanding (like a doddering ostrich, its feathers few and tattered, silhouetted on the horizon dusting off his head in some godforsaken veldt) is this sentence from The Guardian's leader on these same developments:

The police, once again, were in the forefront of reminding the public that the bombings were not committed by Islamist terrorists but by extremist criminals.

12:33 AM

Monday, July 11, 2005

And Brief Studio Dentist Fiance

The double-take-inducing headline for a June Haver obituary from Philadelphia's new daily newspaper The Evening Bulletin (which appears to be the Philly version of New York's less new daily newspaper, The New York Sun):

June Haver, Movie Star and Brief Nun, Dead

The Bulletin's edited version of the AP story of June's life and times isn't online, but a somewhat fuller AP take is here:

LOS ANGELES - June Haver, the sunny blond star of 1940s musicals who was promoted as the next Betty Grable but gave up her career to briefly enter a convent, has died. She was 79.

Haver, who was married for years to actor Fred MacMurray, died of respiratory failure Monday at her home, her family said.

...Dubbed the "pocket Grable," she starred with Grable in "The Dolly Sisters" before going on to appear in a series of other frothy musicals that appealed to wartime audiences. They included "Three Little Girls in Blue," "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" and "Oh, You Beautiful Doll."

...Haver's chances of succeeding Grable diminished when Fox discovered Marilyn Monroe, and Haver's personal life was mired in turmoil.

A marriage to trumpet player Jimmy Zito fell apart after six weeks. She reunited with a previous fiance, studio dentist John Duzik, but he died of complications of surgery.

Haver turned to the Roman Catholic Church for solace, and in 1953 stunned Hollywood by announcing she was spurning her $3,500-a-week contract to become a nun at the Sisters of Charity convent in Kansas.

Just eight months later, Haver left the convent to return to Hollywood.

"I think I made the right decision to go into the convent and try it out," she said in 1987. "And I made the right decision to leave."

Soon after leaving, she bumped into MacMurray, recently widowed, at a party and they wed six months later. She largely retired from performing at that time

2:30 AM

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I Thank the Tagalog Peoples

First for my most beautiful and talented pal K., and second for this most necessary word (last para below), that we must now import to the U.S., and the anglosphere generally.

(WaPo*)...Across Manila, disappointment in Arroyo is surpassed only by a weary recognition that the Philippines' celebrated protest movement known as "people power" has run its course, and that no new political savior is at hand to rally the masses.

...Luzviminda A. Santos, 52, a compact woman with intense brown eyes and shoulder-length black hair streaked with gray, was invited by several friends to join a small anti-Arroyo demonstration Saturday morning outside the local Santo Domingo church. She told them she would try to make it, but instead stayed home drinking coffee and watching the dizzying political developments on television.

"I said to myself, 'What for?' "

She said she held no affection for Arroyo; a poster of the president with snakes writhing in her hair hangs in her foyer. But she frets there is no worthy successor -- Vice President Noli de Castro and Senate President Franklin Drilon are no better in her view -- and the public is divided over whom to support.

"Who will replace her? Another politician? Another trapo?" Santos asked, using the local slang term for traditional politician.

*Dig the WaPo byline, too. Never noticed how they ID'ed their foreign correspondents before. Jolly good show, ol' WaPo! The D.C. crew must work for the Home Office:

By Alan Sipress
Washington Post Foreign Service

4:20 AM