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Agenda Bender
Saturday, February 25, 2006  

Natural Law-yering or The New Ethics or The New New Positivism or The Old Old Song and Dance

From a quite interesting Nation piece on Robert George, Princeton's ambassador to the thirteenth century:

That same year, Earhart waded into an ethical swamp when it bankrolled a glowing review of George's book Making Men Moral. The reviewer was Christopher Wolfe, a Marquette University professor and longtime friend and collaborator of George's. (In 1999 George contributed to Wolfe's antigay tract Homosexuality and American Public Life, and the two co-edited another volume, Natural Law and Public Reason.)

Earhart paid Wolfe the unusual sum of $7,000 to review the book for ISI's Political Science Reviewer. "In a better world," Wolfe gushed, "'Making Men Moral' would bring about a revolution in contemporary thought on civil liberties." He concluded with a prediction that George's future work would be "one of the most important intellectual and political projects of our generation." (Wolfe acknowledged a relationship with the Earhart Foundation in his article.)

...Wolfe brushed aside questions about any ethical problem with his review. In an e-mailed response, he defended himself: "By its critical analysis of certain parts of George's argument, the article was part of an ongoing debate about the proper understanding of natural law theory within the community of natural law-oriented scholars. For the Earhart Foundation to provide support for scholarship of this sort raises no ethical questions at all (except in the positive ethical sense that they are providing a valuable public service)."

3:08 AM

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Brokemouth No-Accountin'

Ok, I'm a brokedown liar, but I saw the movie Sunday night, approximately three years earlier than I expected to. My excuse is who I went with, and your burden is I'm not going to say. I didn't buy a minute of it. I don't even think the scenery was for real. The cgi sheep, wives and children were impressive, however. Heath Ledger (and Ang Lee) really believed that imitating a cornpone cowboy statue come to semi-life was a smart acting choice? That it was any kind of acting choice at all beyond being the laziest possible ride between the opening and closing credits? (Not that I think acting choices ever make any artistic sense, except by sheer accident and lottery-of-the-muses, dumbass providence).

I liked the second to last scene, the pilgrimage to Jack's boyhood hardscrabble ranch. But mostly for the nice posthumous twist-of-the-can-opener reveal and because Heath shut all the way up for the better part of it. It is astounding to me that this movie has made as much as it has. The word of mouth on this has to be worse than Ennis Del Mar reciting high-plains tongue twisters while chewing on beans and rocks.

6:48 PM

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hey Vesuvius

Vice president planning Naples visit in March

(Except that it's the new world Naples--relax, Vesuvius.)

7:36 PM


Myth Johnny Weir

Ice-skater Johnny Weir is more rumor than real to me, more myth than man. I only know of him from online comments and news stories. I haven't seen two seconds of the Torino Olympics, and that's a perfect score I'm determined to keep.

Johnny's "favorites" page is certainly the gayest thing you will ever read. What was that town that 50's advertiser's considered the American microcosm, which is to say the quintessence of about 34% of the American people? (I' m thinking it was Canton, Ohio.) Well Johnny is the demographic epicenter for the gay aughties (which is to say for about 34% of the Gaymerican people), a one-man Canton, Ohio for our time and (some of our) inclinations. The dude has never encountered a modern, gay, pop touchstone that he didn't immediately rub into a pile of sparkling faerie dust. It really does defy belief. As does the name of his favorite female athlete: Irina Slutskaia. Sounds like the Olympics Trocadero.

The stats on Johnny Weir's favorite quotes: One each from Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Ashlee Simpson and "Aleksandr" Pushkin, two from Christina Aguilerra and four from Tolstoy.

I so belong on that list.

7:41 AM