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Agenda Bender
Friday, October 04, 2002  

Taliban Top 40

The Time mag story about the possible gayosity of Taliban John noted below got me thinking. I remembered I had speculated as much months ago to a list I am on (which must remain mysterious here, it's one of the rules--it's kind of a gay Skull and Bones, but I repeat myself). It seemed to me that the then recently released list of Lindh's records revealed certain pashtun tendencies. And I posted this back on DECEMBER 14, 2001!!!!!!!!!!

Homostradamus am I. This post followed a discussion of whether an al Quaeda training manual found in Afghanistan was a fake or not, thus my reference to the validity of this list of Johnny's records. "Prof J" was of course one of John's (or J-Li as I now call him) noms de rap, each one lamer than the last . I like lists of records almost as much as lists of books so you're getting the whole thing.

Actually the collection is a pretty fair representation of a wigger trying to find his way. There are the Kriss Kross and MC Hammer baby steps but he's chillin' with the Ghetto Boys soon enuff. It doesn't strike many gay notes (neither did my teenage record collection) but the few that it does are telling. Jesus, I just read the list again how did I miss this--DIANA ROSS, DIANA!!! I should have mentioned Troop, "Spread My Wings" too. Very inspirational to the Children that one.

My post:

Date: Fri Dec 14, 2001 12:35 pm
Subject: taliban top 40
Johnny Walkers fire sale list. another fake no doubt. (god I wish the CIA was brilliant enough to fake this.) Hmmm the Manntronix and Nocera make me wonder if our boy harbored certain tendencies. Maybe that's why he had to skip town and sublimate. Al B Sure and Mary Jane Girls should give a parent pause too. Chic pretty much clinches it. Malcolm McClaren nails it shut. Vanity shrinkwraps it.

Date: 1997/07/21

I plan on selling all of the 200+ items listed
below as a single package, and I'm not willing to break
any of it up. Among these records are many classics,
collectors items, and out of print rarities, so please
make reasonable bids. If you have any questions about
individual records, just ask. I intend to take the best
offer I recieve.

Prof. J


2 Live Crew, The: "Move Somethin'"
3rd Bass: "The Cactus Al/bum"
Boogie Boys, The: "City Life"
Butcher Beats And Breaks: "Butcher Beats And Breaks"
Boogie Down Productions: "Criminal Minded"
Byron Davis And The Fresh Krew: "Don't Be Bashful"
Cash Money & Marvelous: "Where's The Party At?"
Chic: "Chic"
Digable Planets: "Blowout Comb"
D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper"
Dr. Octagon: "Dr. Octagon"
Dred Scott: "Breakin' Combs"
Earth Wind & Fire: "The Best of Earth Wind & Fire Vol. I"
Earth Wind & Fire: "The Best of Earth Wind & Fire Vol. II"
Earth Wind & Fire: "Gratitude"
Earth Wind & Fire: "All N All" [Double Vinyl, First Record Is Missing]
Egyptian Lover, The: "On The Nile"
Fat Boys: "Coming Back Hard Again"
General Kane: "In Full Chill"
Ghetto Boys: "Making Trouble"
Gigolo Tony: "Ain't It Good To Ya"
Hurricane: "The Hurra"
Isley Bros. And Marvin & Johnny: "Isley Bros. And Marvin & Johnny"
Jackson, Micheal: "Off The Wall"
James, Rick: "Come Get It"
James, Rick: "Street Songs"
Jaz: "Word To The Jaz"
Jaz, The: "To Your Soul"
Kool Moe Dee: "Kool Moe Dee"
KRS-ONE: "Return Of The Boom Bap"
Masta Ace Incorperated: "Slaughtahouse"
Mazarati: "Mazarati"
MC Hammer: "Let's Get It Started"
MC Twist & The Def Squad: "Comin' Thru Like Warriors"
McLaren, Malcolm: "Malcolm McLaren Fans"
Ohio Players: "Contradiction"
Ohio Players: "Fire"
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: "Beat Street Volume 2"
Pharcyde, The: "Labcabincalifornia"
Prince And The Revolution: "Around The World In A Day"
Professor Griff And The Last Asiatic Disciples: "Pawns In The Game"
Robinson, Smokey: "A Quiet Storm"
Ross, Diana: "Diana"
Run Dmc: "Raising Hell"
Run Dmc: "Tougher Than Leather"
Schooly D: "Smoke Some Kill"
Spinners: "Love Trippin'"
Stevie Wonder: "Stevie Wonder's Journey Through The Secret Life Of
Throw Down: "Throw Down"
Tone-Loc: "Loc-ed After Dark"
Too Short: "Life Is... Too Short"
Ultramagnetic MC's: "Critical Beatdown"
U.T.F.O.: "Lethal"
U.T.F.O.: "Skeezer Pleezer"
Vanity: "Skin On Skin"
War: "Why Can't We Be Friends?"
Watson, Johnny Guitar: "Ain't That A Bitch"
Whodini: "Whodini"
Whodini: "Escape"


Andrea Fallen Angel: "Forever, Will You Be My Love, I Saw Him Standing
There, Hound Dog Party, Gettin' Looser"
C.I.A. featuring Ice Cube & Dr. Dre: "My Posse, Just 4 The Cash$,
Dangerous Crew: "Dangerous Crew"
Egyptian Lover, The: "You're So Fine, E-Rap (Holding It Down), Scratch
Force One, The Ultimate Scratch II"
Fila Fresh Crew, The: "3 The Hard Way, Tuffest Man Alive, Dunk The Funk,
Drink It Up"
N.W.A.: "Panic Zone, Dope Man, 8-Ball"
N.W.A.: "Gangsta Gangsta, Quiet On Tha Set, Something 2 Dance 2,
Something Like That"
Too Short: "Freaky Tales: The Untold Story Part 1"
Too Short: "Freaky Tales: The Saga Continues Part II"
Too Short: "Don't Stop Rappin'"
World Class Wreckin' Cru, The: "House-Calls"

---[12" Singles]---

2 Live Crew, The: "Get It Girl b/w Cut It Up"
2 Live Crew, The: "Move Somethin'"
2 Live Crew, The: "Trow The D. and Ghetto Bass"
2 Live Crew, The: "Yakety Yak"
2 Live Crew, The: "Do Wah Diddy"
3.5.7.: "Juicy Got U Krazy"
Ace Juice featuring MC Hammer: "Go Go"
Al B Sure!: "Nite And Day"
Al B Sure! featuring Slick Rick: "If I'm Not Your Lover"
Afro-Rican: "Let It Go b/w I Can Do That"
Arabian Prince, The: "It Ain't Tough"
Ayers, Roy: "I'm The One"
Bass Dominators, The: "The Bass Is Too Strong"
Bad Boys featuring K Love: "Bad Boys"
Black Rock & Ron featuring Prince Paul: "You Can't Do Me None (Remixes)"
Black Uhuru: "Chill Out b/w Right Stuff"
Bobby Jimmy & The Critters featuring Dr. Dre: "N.Y./L.A. Rappers"
Bollock Brothers, The: "Harley David Son Of A Bitch"
Boogie Boys, The: "Zodiac"
Byrd, Donald & 125th Street, N.Y.C.: "Sexy Dancer b/w Midnight"
Byron Davis & The Fresh Krew featuring "Special K.M.C.": "Now Dance b/w
Down Wit It"
Cameo: "Back And Forth"
Capital Tax: "2 Timin' b/w Get In To It"
Channel Live: "Sex For The Sport"
Con Funk Shun: "She's A Star b/w Rock It All Night"
Cymone, André: "Lipstick Lover"
D-Def Conection: "Jealous People"
D&D Project, The: "The D&D Project"
Da Lench Mob: "Chocolate City"
Dana Dane: "Show Me Love"
Das Efx: "Real Hip-Hop"
Debbie Deb: "I'm Searchin'"
Derek B: "Rock The Beat"
Diamond featuring D-Roc: "Bank Head Bounce"
Dimples Tee: "Jealous Fella's"
Dirty Red: "Cold Bassin' It Up b/w I Have Power"
DJ Mike & MC Cool D: "Gangster Rock b/w Do That Shit"
Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde: "Yellow Panties b/w Freshest Rhymes In The
Eazy E: "The Boyz-N-The Hood"
Eddie "B": "Time To Rock The House II"
Egyptian Lover, The: "Dance"
Egyptian Lover, The: "D.S.L.'s"
Egyptian Lover, The: "Freak-A-Holic"
Egyptian Lover, The: "Get Into It"
Egyptian Lover, The: "Computer Love b/w And My Beat Goes Boom"
Egyptian Lover, The: "The Lover"
Foxxx Freddie featuring Eric B: "Somebody Else Bumped Your Girl"
Freestyle: "It's Automatic"
Fresh 3 M.C.'s: "Have Your Heart b/w A Few Minutes More"
Funkdoobeist: "Dedicated"
Future MC's, The: "Erotic Rapp b/w State Of Shock Rapp"
Fresh Celeste featuring M-4 Sers: "Get It Boy"
Gaye, Marvin: "A Funky Space Reincarnation"
General Kane: "Crack Killed Applejack"
Georgio: "Sexappeal"
Gigolo Tony: "Shake Your Pants"
Grand Puba: "A Little Of This"
Gucci: "Sally "That Girl""
Guy: "I Like"
HP: "Ho Patrol b/w Skull"
Hugh E. MC & DJ Rock: "It's The Game b/w The Beat Has Bass"
Ice Cube: "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted"
Ice-T: "I'm Your Pusher"
Iceman Ja: "Mega Jon's Bass"
Isley Brothers, The: "All In My Lover's Eyes"
Isley Brothers, The: "It's Alright With Me"
Isley Brothers, The: "Rockin' With Fire b/w I Wanna Be With You"
Jaz: "Hawaiian Sophie"
J.J. Roxx: "Get Back"
Jonzun Crew featuring Michael Jonzun: "Time Is Running Out"
Juanito (FX): "Move Your Feet"
Junkyard Band, The: "The Word b/w Sardines"
K.C. And The Sunshine Band: "Do You Wanna Go Party"
Kool & The Gang: "Cherish (Remix) b/w Fresh/Mislead (Special Mix)"
Kool & The Gang: "Big Fun"
Kool G Rap: "It's A Shame"
Kool Keith: "Sex Style b/w Don't Crush It"
Left Lane: "Bam Bam Bam"
L.L. Cool J: "I'm That Type Of Guy"
L.S. Fresh: "You Can't Get No P--sy!"
Luke: "Banned In The U.S.A - The Luke LP Featuring The 2 Live Crew"
Mac, The: "The Game Is Thick"
Mantronix: "Needle To The Groove"
Mantronix with M.C. Tee: "Fresh Is The Word"
Mary Jane Girls: "In My House"
Mazarati: "The Saga Of A Man"
MC Player: "Rhyming Rampage"
MC Hammer: "Here Comes The Hammer"
MC Shy D: "Don't Sweat Me"
MC Shy D: "Shake It"
MC Twist & The Def Squad: "The House Jumps"
MC Twist & The Def Squad: "Just Rock"
Nocera: "Let's Go"
Nocera featuring Mantronix: "Summertime, Summertime"
O'Neal, Alexander: "Fake"
Prince And The Revolution: "Raspberry Beret"
Prince And The Revolution: "Kiss"
Prince Markie Dee: "Crunchtime"
Queen Latifah featuring KRS-One, Heavy D, & Treach: "Rough b/w I Can't
"R," The (Renard With No Regard) featuring Ced What?: "How Hard Can You
Throw It?"
Rappin' 4-Tay: "Ain't No Playa Like..."
Renard With No Regard featuring Ced What?: "We'll Make Your Body Move
b/w Burnadette"
Rock Master Scott and The Dynamic Three: "The Roof Is On Fire b/w The
Request Line"
Rock Master Scott and The Dynamic Three: "The Roof Is On Fire b/w The
Request Line"
Rockwell, Noel featuring The Poet: "Beat You Down"
Roxanne Shanté: "Have A Nice Day"
Sa-Fire: "Don't Break My Heart"
Shabazz The Disciple: "Death Be The Penalty"
Sir Mix A Lot: "Iron Man b/w I'll Roll You Up!"
Sly Fox: "Lets Go All The Way b/w Como Tu Te Llama?"
Stevie B: "Dreamin' Of Love"
Stevie B: "Party Your Body"
Sista featuring Craig Mack: "It's Alright"
Sugarhill Gang: "Rapper's Delight"
T La Rock: "T-N-Off b/w Housin' With The T's"
T La Rock: "Back To Burn"
T.M.F.C.: "How Bout Some"
Tony! Toni! Toné!: "Born Not To Know"
Tony Rock: "Still Doin' It"
Too Short: "The Ghetto"
Trinere: "I'll Be All You Ever Need"
Ultra: "Big Time"
Uncle Jam's Army: "Dial-A-Freak b/w Yes Yes, Yes"
Uncle Jam's Army: "Dial-A-Freak b/w Yes Yes, Yes"
Uncle Jam's Army featuring Mr. Prince & Miss Nysa: "Naughty Boy"
Unknown And Lyrrad: "Let's Jam"
Unknown And Lyrrad: "Let's Jam"
U.T.F.O.: "Roxanne, Roxanne"
U.T.F.O.: "Roxanne, Roxanne"
Vicious featuring Shyheim: "Life Of A Shortie"
Vicious Bass: "Shake That Thang"
West Coast Crew: "Jail Bait"
Whodini: "Funky Beat"
Young And Restless: ""B" Girls"

---[CD Albums]---

De La Soul: "3 Feet High And Rising"
Gangstarr: "Hard To Earn"
Grand Puba: "Reel To Real"
Goodie Mob: "Soul Food"
Ice Cube: "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted"
Redman: "Whut¿ Thee Album"

---[CD Singles]---

Cypress Hill: "We Ain't Goin' Out Like That"
Das Efx featuring Mobb Deep: "Microphone Master"
Kris Kross: "Da Bomb"
Kris Kross: "I'm Real"
Ultramagnetic MC's: "Raise It Up"

---[Cassette Albums]---

Arabian Prince: "Situation Hot"
Chopin: "The Best Of Chopin"
Compton's Most Wanted: "It's A Compton Thang"
D.O.C., The: "No One Can Do It Better"
Eric B & Rakim: "Follow The Leader"
Just-Ice: "Gun Talk"
Grieg and Sibelius: "Peer Gynt Suite"
Kris Kross: "Totally Krossed Out"
Mc Shy D: "Comin' Correct In 88"
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: "Colors"

---[Cassette EP's]---

Juvenile Committee: "F.ree U.s C.olored K.ids"

---[Cassette Singles]---

Troop featuring Tito (Formerly of Fearless 4): "Spread My Wings"
Whooliganz, The: "Put Your Handz Up"


Style Wars
Wild Style>>

4:58 PM

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Genius in a Bottle

Click here to play the game Computer Scientist or Fabric Artist? aka Cosmologist or Choreographer? The page opens to a gallery of mugshots of this year's MacArthur fellowship winners. Often smirkingly referred to as the Genius Awards or more truly as MacArthur's Lark. Your job is to pick out the science dudes from the muse addicts. Then click a name for the bio behind the face to find out how you did. You can also play gay, straight or other, of course. Though the bios give no definitive answers there, and I must say I wasn't floored by the sexual energy of their collected pics so this second game is only for advanced players.

The Macs are the tawdriest prize this side of Pulitzer. For years they were given out as a premium with all subscriptions to Dissent magazine. But they ran out of subscribers to honor even with this kick back. The prize is the Nobel of the soft left journalism and progressive policy science, the Oscar of "All Things Considered" subsidized culture. I'm sure some winners have won on merit alone but so many are the result of political vetting that the worthy seem suspect too.

Granddaddy MacArthur was an insurance tycoon and by most accounts a distinctly unpleasant son of a bitch. . He is saved from the infamy of being remembered only as the golden corpse paying the Mac Foundation bills by his good taste in siblings and nephews. His brother Charlie was the lesser but still formidable half of the Ben Hecht/MacArthur literary partnership, which also makes him the uncle of Hawaii 5-0's Dano, James MacArthur, Charlie Mac and Helen Hayes' adopted son.. Bastard that he was granddaddy at least wasn't a lefty kook. The next two generations of Macs fell out of the left side of the bed though so the foundation was remade in their image and the selection process stacked accordingly. And the great tradition of giving windfalls to already tenured progressives began. It's like taking the gravy train to the gravy boat.

Ain't no scammin' like charity scammin'. Book'em, Dano.

11:10 PM

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

A House in Katmandu

Excerpts from the New York Times Obituary for Charles Henri Ford:

Charles Henri Ford, a poet, editor, novelist, artist and legendary cultural catalyst whose career spanned much of 20th-century modernism, died on Friday in Manhattan. He was 94 and lived in Manhattan and had a house in Katmandu.

He said he was inspired by the multimedia career of Jean Cocteau and by Cocteau's description of himself as a poet in everything he does.

he was also a co-writer, with his lifelong friend the writer and film critic Parker Tyler, of "The Young and Evil" (Paris, 1933), which many consider to be the first gay novel. The book, based on the author's adventures in Greenwich Village bohemia, was banned in the United States until the 1960's.

Mr. Ford also made paintings, drawing, collages and especially photographs, which he starting taking in the 1930's and first exhibited in Paris in 1954, as well as a single film, "Johnny Minotaur," whose premiere was in 1973

But Mr. Ford was perhaps best known as the editor of two influential magazines. One was the little magazine Blues: A Magazine of New Rhythms, which he founded in 1929 while still living in Columbus, Miss., under his parents' roof. Its eight issues published the work of William Carlos Williams, Gertrude Stein, Edward Roditi and, for the first time, Paul Bowles and Erskine Caldwell.

The simplest summation of Mr. Ford's life and work may be that he did exactly what he wanted, and seemingly knew everyone.

Mr. Ford's preferred birth dates varied between 1909 and 1913. In fact, he was born Charles Henry Ford in 1908, in the Hazlehurst Hotel in Hazlehurst, Miss

Returning to the United States in 1939, Mr. Ford and Tchelitchew became part of a circle that included Virgil Thompson, George Balanchine, Paul Cadmus, George Platt Lynes, Monroe Wheeler and Lincoln Kirstein.

Among his unpublished works are two early novels, several journals and a memoir of his youth titled "I Will Become What I Am," a phrase that reflects his early determination to be famous.

I would bet Ford's name appears more often in indexes of the bio's, diaries, and memoirs of key figures in the history of gay modernism in The US and Europe than anyone else's. He DID seem to know everybody.

I would love to see this film about Ford.

What Johnny Minotaur has wrought: Brotherhood III: Young Demons.

The latest installment in what Paper Magazine called "cute boys in their underwear genre" -- that is, director David Decoteau's distinct brand of homoerotic horror -- again doesn't include any sex per se but lots of underwear-clad buff boys who find themselves in compromising situations with all sorts of evil creatures (much worse than any troll you may have had to ward off at the local bar.)

This time around, a group of bad-assed teens who get together and do magic rituals accidentally use a real book of spells and accidentally conjure up some monsters -- you get the picture. While this stuff isn't "Exorcist" scary -- more like "Escape from Which Mountain" campy -- it's tons of fun and surely will take you back to the days of watching horror movies at sleepover parties with friends.

OK, I'd watch this too but I really do want to see Sleep in a Nest of Flames more.

3:43 PM

Monday, September 30, 2002

Possibly More

Rod Dreher's gaydar has kicked in again. He gives this precis of the Time magazine story about John Lindh:

TALIBAN JOHNNY, JIHAD BRIDE?: [Rod Dreher] Time magazine reports this week that John Walker Lindh had at least one, possibly more, homosexual relationship while abroad studying Islam. I'm sure the inmates at the prison Taliban Johnny is headed to will appreciate knowing about his history of Pashtun-plucking (something his lawyers deny, by the way).

Rod must be quite the freak. Images of warrior weddings, pashtun plucking, prison booty and implied rape pop into his head pretty readily. Here's the sum total of Time's coverage of the Taliban Johnny gay angle:

Hayat met Lindh and took him on a tour of various madrasahs, searching for the perfect one from Karachi in the south to Peshawar in the northwest. The young American rejected them all and preferred remaining at Hayat's side. He helped Hayat at his store, a prosperous business dealing in powdered milk. Hayat, who has a wife and four children, says he had sex with Lindh. "He was liking me very much. All the time he wants to be with me," says Hayat, who has a good though not colloquial command of English. "I was loving him. Because love begets love, you know." Lindh's lawyers deny that their client engaged in homosexual relationships.

"He was ready to stay with me," says Hayat, "but I pushed him into the madrasah." Nevertheless, the businessman appears to be jealous of Lindh's relationship with the teacher he recommended, Mufti Iltimas Khan. (Lindh, says Hayat, "loved me more.") The mufti does not discuss the nature of his relationship with Lindh, though he seems happy to talk about the young man. "Everyone who saw him wanted to talk to him and to look at him and to look at his face. A very lovely face he had, John Walker."

I guess Mr. Dreher's extrapolation from the Time artcle that Lindh had "possibly more" than one male sex partner is based on Hayat's apparent jealousy and the Mufti's appraisal of the loveliness of Lindh's face. Perhaps not an unwarranted extrapolation for a boy like me to make, if you know what I mean, given the peculiarities of idiom and the cultural differences in openly commenting on male beauty it's interesting to me Rod makes the jump as easily as me. And very strange that he claims "Time magazine reports this week that John Walker Lindh had at least one, possibly more, homosexual relationship." Strange that the usually so careful Mr Dreher dropped the final "s" from relationships--maybe he was typing in a frenzy--and stranger still that he claimed Time magazine had reported "possibly more" homosexual relationships. That reporting was done by one Rod Dreher.

I also notice that Mr Dreher fails to mention the second gay angle here. Taliban Dad had long ago been outed in the press and this had led to much speculation that the shock and horror of this must have tipped Taliban Son towards Islam. But according to Time Mag Johnny had already converted to Islam and had in fact just returned from his first trip to Yemen when dad came out and the family split. An interesting detail, n'est-ce pas?

I lastly notice that Mr. Dreher doesn't mention this sentence from the Time article regarding John's parent's confusion over the religious turn their son was making: "It was all foreign to the Roman Catholic Frank and Marilyn." You could extrapolate from that fact too, Rod, you know. Instead of "TALIBAN JOHNNY, JIHAD BRIDE?" something along the lines of TALIBAN JOHNNY, SPAWN OF ROME?

5:21 AM

Sunday, September 29, 2002

You Can Keep the Eyelash Curler

Do people still put down Wired Mag? It was big sport a few years back to say what crap it was, me I always liked it and still do. Usually at least one truly interesting article* in it, way above average for magazines in general. The yellow print on a red background bits (or purple on blue, green on brown etc.etc.etc.) were annoying, but you'd flip the page and it was back in black. On white. Or pale tangerine. Good short takes on generation 0/1 here.

Knew most of it but THIS phenom was new to me. Well, old to me but the context was new:

Why fold jeans at the Gap when you can get a new DVD player by making puppy-dog eyes into your webcam? In exchange for posting flirty photos, journal entries, and casual chat, these young experts in urges and acquisitions are hauling in pretty cool gear. Their sites are linked to mainstream registries at and elsewhere. The gift strategy seems to work, though police worry the sites can be a prowling ground for pedophiles.

The following are excerpts from the wish lists of a 16-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy.

Welcome to Tammee's Wish List
About me: mes gotta wishlist ;D love me? buy something.
Birthday: February 19
Items will ship to: Kernersville, North Carolina
1. Kodak MC3 Portable Digital Camera/Camcorder and MP3
Player — 64 MB. $199.99
Comment: woOp woOp i want this bad ;]
2. Casio Cassiopeia EM-500 Color Pocket PC (slate blue). $399.99
3. Revlon RVS1051 Heated Eyelash Curler. $17.99
Comment: this could be dangerous ;x
4. Remington MSRC-1000 Manicure/Pedicure Set. $21.99
Comment: imma nerd ;x
5. Saturday Night Live: Best of Adam Sandler DVD. $22.49
6. Lexar Media MS128231 128 MB Memory Stick. $64.99
Comment: i have like no memory left ;/
7. Memorex Travelview 43055 Mobile VCR with 9" Color
Screen. $349.99
Comment: ;D WOW ... puh puh puh please :: gets on knees
and begs ::
8. Spy Hunter CD-ROM. $39.99
9. HoMedics BK-700 Back Expert 2000 10-Motor Back Massager
with LCD Controls. $64.99
Comment: you've got them GOOD VIBRATIONS ;x
10. Compaq Presario 532OUS Desktop + FS740 17" Flat Screen
Monitor + IJ650 Color Inkjet Printer. $1,497
Comment: niiiiiice ;x

Welcome to Kevin's Wish List
About me: tall, eyebrow ring
Birthday: October 16
Items will ship to: Landing, New Jersey
1. Philips FWC780 Mini Hi-Fi System with 3-CD Changer.
2. Down Comforter — Khaki (Full/Queen). $99.99
3. Joke Book (SpongeBob SquarePants Humor Books). $2.99
4. SpongeBob SquarePants Sheet Set (Twin). $19.99
5. Scary Movie 2 DVD. $26.99
6. Yamaha YSTM101W 6-Watt 2-Piece Total Powered Computer
Speakers (White). $29.99
7. Uniden TRU346 2.4 GHz DSS Cordless Phone with Caller ID.
$79.99 with an additional discount
8. Compaq Presario 532OUS Desktop + FS740 17" Flat Screen
Monitor + IJ650 Color Inkjet Printer. $1,497
9. Intel Home PC Camera. $69.99
10. Compaq FP745A 15" Flat Panel Monitor. $599.99

Wecome to Agenda Bender's Wish List
About me: 3 months old, 6 months hot! Bathub ring.
Birthday: July 19
Items will ship to: Philapa, Kansaster and Dreamsville.
1. $199.99
2. $399.99
3. $17.99
4. $29.99
5. $599.99
6. $1,497.00
7. $69.99
8. $64.99
9. $26.99

*My favorite Wired article from last year.

3:49 PM