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Agenda Bender
Friday, October 11, 2002  

Sweet Home Alamontana

Sorry, but I can't share the outrage over the gay baiting campaign ad run by Senator Max Factor Baucus against his Republican opponent, Mike Taylor, who in a decade far, far away was some sort of beauty guru. He ran a beauty school and had a TV makeover gig dedicated to beautifying Montana one cowboy at a time. The ad retails charges that Taylor's beauty school was a student loan scam magnet (as many such job training schools are) while the visual is a timecapsule glimpse into a simpler era when swinger chic reigned in unironic glory. Our Boogie Knight is seen gently applying facial miracle creams both with puff and digitally, to the visage of another homme. It's a funny ad. I especially like how they match the voiceover words "lined Taylor's own pockets" with a closeup image of Mike's fingers lubricating the laugh lines around the other guy's eyes.

The last shot is the best with Mike giving off major priss vibes. It's a nasty mini-masterpiece of editing effects. They slow down the video which adds queeny emphasis to his facial expression. It gives lie to the Baucus campaign's contention that it was all just an innocent use of the only tape they could find of Taylor's 80's incarnation. But, so what? Attack ads have been built like this for years. Find ridiculous, unflattering photos of your opponent. Photoshop em up. Then do a video montage of the evil clown running against you. Mike just happens to be unluckier than most in having these particular images in his past. And they move.

Contra Sullivan, it really is Taylor's reaction that is key here. Why the shame and tears over this part of his life? Why the ludicrous mewling that "my opponent's lies about me are hurting my wife, my family, my friends, my party and most of all, Montanans from all walks of life." You're running for the US Senate, genius, it can get hot sometimes. Trust me, Montanans from all walks of life will survive the trauma of seeing your chest hair and your Gremlin hubcap medallion.

How's this for mistaking your own emabarrassing scrapbook for the history of man? "There's no question about it, what they're trying to imply. They're trying to say that every barber and every cosmetologist, every manicurist or anybody in the beauty and hair fashion industry is homosexual."

And how much more loathsome are the implications of Taylor's statement than those in the ad: " [these are] personal slanders of the vilest kind. I simply never thought that my opponent would run televisions ads that lied, assassinated my character and mislead the people of Montana. And not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that a sitting U.S. senator of 28 years would sanction the use of 20-year-old pictures of me for the most despicable of insinuations about my character. My opponent has blanketed the airwaves with loathsome distortions of the truth and called it a campaign. I talked - always - about votes, about plans for the future and about ideas. I thought it would be enough. I was wrong."

The fact is Taylor was trailing miserably and was a certain loser. He traded the humiliation of a disastrous election night for a least a shot at semi-glory by making a spectacle of his insulted dignity and staging a wounded retreat. He must think he's running for Senate in Japan. It's getting to be the thing to do and Mike's old pics shows us he's nothing if not a slave to fashion. He joins the bitching quitter choir with Cuomo the lesser and Torch the sputterer.

Baucus is a classic Stepford senator and it would be lovely to see him beaten. Clearly Mike Taylor isn't the man to do it. But there is another candidate in the big sky state who can take a hit and shake it off. Who can be the object nationwide titters and ridicule but who can join in the joke and keep moving. I speak of course of the silver tongued blue boy of American politics, the Libertarian candidate for US Senate from Montana, Stan Jones--The Great Pict Hope.

Update: Check out Mike Taylor's self-makeover as Teddy Roosevelt here. External makeover, I mean

12:56 PM

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Why We Will Win (for the corner)

Genre Magazine, which I was very unkind to below, is still pretty insubstantial but it looks better since Christopher Makos took over as art director and it now reads like it was written in english and not translated from korean by babelfish. The interview I read there with glamsta dragger Kevin Aviance gives me reasons to be cheerful...

I grew up in Virginia, one of eight kids, and was always wearing my mother's clothes, stretching out her shoes, and one day she caught me. She was always stylish. I live for her. I love performing and the first time I did drag was in the fourth grade. I sang "I Will Survive" for the 4H talent show. My mother dressed me, beat my face with Fashion Fair and they loved it. That was my first drag show.

My first hit was "Cunty" and that came out of nowhere. The producer Gerald Black was looking for someone to talk on his record. He wanted the song to have a cunty feel, so we called it "Cunty".

I remember being at the Roxy a few Saturdays after September 11th and asking the DJ to play my record ["Alive"]. I got up on stage with my little flag and they played the record. It was the most incredible feeling. I wrote that song last May, but it feels so right for the time. Gay people, we deal with death everyday, but especially after 9/11, that's when I really understood the changed my outlook on life. The song is about showing love to one another, it's uplifting and we need that.

Ian Dury we miss you.

1:07 AM

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Where Do I Collect?

I win my bet below that the dead-eye DICK sniper has no self-esteem problems:

The sniper who killed six people and wounded two others in the Washington area in the past week has reportedly left a message to police at the scene of his last shooting.

The Washington Post reports police say the message was scribbled on the death card of the Tarot, used in fortune telling.

The paper reports police have confirmed the message read "Dear policeman, I am God".

6:41 AM


We Get Letters

I received this email from Martin in DC.

I don't know how or why you could include "the corner" as a "recommended link" (or whatever). Even if you are fairly conservative(?), how can you stomach the endless and gratuitous homophobia of those people? Dreher makes me want to puke every time I even think about him, and a couple of others are almost as bad. Stanley Kurtz rants about gays in the guise of supposed "intellectual discourse." Jonah is much lower-key and easier to take, but nevertheless a real dunce on gayness.

To which I replied:

Well, because I comment on the very things you mention all the time. Dreher is probably my favorite target. Which is to say I read the corner every day and get a lot of stuff there. Do a search on my page for the Dreher, Kurtz and Goldberg mentions.

So I link because the Corner fascinates me. Might as well be honest about it. Oh yeah and I put Hot-guyz right above them on the links. It's a kind of voodoo.... not a conservative,btw

Martin is right of course. The Corner has a big gay problem (as does the National Review and the conservative movement generally). And I love watching them work their way through it. Halfway through it--on a good day. I think he gets the players right too. Dreher is an habitual (and gleeful) slanderer, Kurtz a full bore rationalizer and Goldberg doesn't know he doesn't know. But that said I think all three are smarter than not, and on this issue all three are conflicted in interesting (and sometimes quite funny) ways. Dreher especially.

So I link to the Corner because I find the anti-gay attitudes and arguments of people I somewhat respect interesting (and there is good non-gay stuff there if you can get through the numbingly unfunny in house banter about Jonah's deadlines, their collective pop culture memories, and the other assorted regular guy raillery when these conservatives are in cut-up mode).

It's like the old joke: What do you call a homosexual gentleman who has just left the room?


Our Corner friends have been tamed enough not to use that word I'm sure , but still I like to be in the room after the gentleman has left to hear what they have to say.

6:32 AM

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Let's Twist Again

Frontpage links to a New York Post story titled GAY TWIST IN STABBING OF PARIS MAYOR. Uh, yeah, that's one way to put it. Why not "French Twist" or, best of all, "Knife Twist"?

The phrase "gay twist' in a headline is usually a signpost telling of titillation and/or amusement ahead. From the Post archives:





8:52 PM


Fist of Death, Kiss of Life

The Agenda Bender karmic death star is in full effect. We finally added links to this page (on your left down the page in a field of red) and within 24 hours one of our obsessive faves is gone in an apparent murder/suicide. Arts and Letters Daily is no more, strangled in the Lingua Franca bankruptcy proceedings. The link will remain with a fond R.I. P. attached since the archives will remain. Or so they say. I notice the Lingua Franca archives are now gone. Don't know when that happended.

I hope after the bankruptcy flood subsides LF will be revived and the archives will reappear. I've read that the founder of LF intends to reacquire the name and assets in the bankruptcy sale later this month. The new Philosphy and Literature page is clearly an end run around the bankruptcy entanglements. I've linked it as Philo and Rat right under the A&L RIP link. So I don't think of A&L as really dead just renamed and relocated in the witness protection program.

I'm going to add more links to the list but I'm waiting to see if I kill any of the others already listed first.

7:20 AM

Monday, October 07, 2002

I Reinvented the Black T-shirt

There is a growing gap between the ass kissing haves and have nots world wide. I mean those getting there asses slobbered over and those getting their asses ignored. Or kicked. This disaprity can be traced in large part to the fashion industry. The ass kissing glut there sucks all the ass kissing energy from other endeavors. Praise hyper-inflation makes any compliment short of "you are a towering genius of the ages and savior to mankind" seem backhanded.

From today's press, and this isn't even as egregious as most:

McCartney took her bow under a hail of flowers, as the audience roared their approval and threw their freesias back at the triumphant designer.

Domenico de Sole, chairman of the Gucci Group which owns McCartney's label, did his best to reassure her. "It was fantastic. Everybody loved it."

And it was a triumphant return for a McCartney trademark, the sexy blouse. McCartney virtually reinvented the blouse, giving the dowdiest garment in ladieswear a new off-the-shoulder frisson and making it the perfect partner for tight jeans or sharp miniskirts. Her latest versions, in prettily slashed white cotton, or in ice blue trimmed with iridescent buttons, were a delight.

Imagine needing reassurance after the roaring crowd has thrown their freesias back at you. Elsa Klensch me, I feel faint. I think I have flower trauma. And my ears hurt.

Everybody needs their own Domenico de Sole, their own fustian angel, perched forever on the shoulder of the blouse they virtually reinvented whispering sweet sycophantasies all the day, of which there is none sweeter than "It was fantastic. Everybody loved it."

Bet that Maryland sniper has one.

10:49 PM


Azedine Berkane, That's Who

Boy, the AP really was wrong to leave out any mention that the Mayor of Paris is gay in its story about the attack on him Saturday night. His attacker has told police he did it because he "didn't like politicians and particularly didn't like homosexuals". Mr Mayor was batting a thousand on this guy's shit list.

The perp, one Azedine Berkane, "is a computer technician who lives with his parents in a suburb north of Paris" and "is known to police for drug offences". Or so the Daily Telegraph informs us. My faith in the ability of any newspaper to get the basic facts right is, well, nonexistent, so I'm speculating that he is really a part-time auto mechanic who lives with his cousins in a suburb west of Paris.

In much the same way that the AP forgot to mention the mayor was gay the Daily Tele neglects to inform its readers that M. Berkane is a Muslim. Even the Guardian found that detail germane.

The Telegraph gives me another reason to like Mayor Delanoe who besides being gay is also socialist. That last particular wouldn't usually win me over but I can appreciate a socialist who comes from this direction:

"I want Paris to take risks," said M Delanoƫ when he opened the festival on Saturday night. "Otherwise, how is it going to become an international city to attract lovers of freedom and pleasure?"

The risk averse mayors of most (all?) American cities should ponder this idea and chant the words "freedom and pleasure" for a few minutes every day. Then after their heads explode we can have special elections and pick new ones.

1:46 AM

Sunday, October 06, 2002

Who is Killing the Gay Chefs of Europe?

Hmmmmm, Pim Fortuyn gets whacked a week before the election in the Netherlands. Now the gay mayor of Paris is stabbed in city hall during a "Nuit Blanche" party. Maybe Stanley Kowalkski did it. A happier ending in Paris though. The mayor "never lost consciousness and even gave the order to continue the party before being taken to the Pitie-Salpetrier hospital". Yeah, he sounds gay to me. Though he must not sound gay to the AP since his pref goes unmentioned in the story I linked to.

If that party-must-go-on attitiude wasn't a tipoff I offer these exhibits:

About 2,000 people gathered overnight at the elegant City Hall building, which opened its doors for a concert of electronic lounge music and other festivities. Delanoe was circulating freely among the crowd when he was stabbed.

A virtual unknown before the election, Delanoe has since organized popular events in Paris, such as turning the banks of the Seine River into a beach for picnics and street parties this summer.

You know your mayor is gay when....lounge electronica is being piped into city hall...the river through the middle of town is being remodeled with picnic ready beaches.

So what's going on with those yahoos over there (eurhoos?). Gay dudes get a little political power, next thing they're getting shot and stabbed. That is so 80's.

3:28 AM