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Agenda Bender
Saturday, November 30, 2002  

City of the Dreadful Day

Driving through Harrisburg, Pa today I noticed a pet emporium called Doggiestyle. There was a rainbow flag in the window. It appears from the website that their business slogan is "they'll beg for it!" I was tempted to keep driving around town to find these businesses that I am now sure must also exist in Pennsylvania's capital city:

Gay owned vacuum cleaner sales and service: Suck Buddies
Lesbian owned gas station: Diesel Dyke
High end bathroom fixture and plumbing supplies: Golden Showers
Gay friendly HVAC contractors: Blow Jobs

There's a great scene in one of Stanley Elkin's novels where he describes the dread induced by an upscale shopping district full of boutiques with pun names. Not sure which of his books it is, he lost me with most of his later period books, but the early ones are all great. This might be the best.

Elkin was too much of a realist to come up with Doggiestyle though

12:29 AM

Friday, November 29, 2002

Herd on the Street

We like to keep our business endeavors separate from what we write here but the riots in Nigeria last week demand more of a response from us than just a few ironical posts of dubious wit. The recent events in Nigeria really call for many hundreds of ironical posts of dubious wit but alas, a lad and a ladder, time is limited. So we have decided that we must respond not only with idle words here but with idle actions as well.

To this end our investment division, Agenda Bender Securities, is announcing today the cessation of all further money transfers to former high ranking officials in Nigeria, their widows and their adult children until such time as we have a written statement on file from each of them condemning the violence there and a pledge to oppose the imposition of Sharia (Islamic law) on the secular legal system of Nigeria.

This was a hard decision to make since our Nigerian investments to date total nearly $400,000 with an expected rate of return on this investment of over 1,000,000%. We realize that we do possibly put some of our return at risk with the actions we are announcing today, especially in those dozen or so cases in which our transfers of funds over the period of a year or more have reached a "critical stage" and the "freeing up of funds" due us is "almost certainly imminent". But we feel that unless and until the current and recently deposed ruling elite of Nigeria, their heirs and assignees make public their commitment to a peaceful and secular Nigeria our investment dollars, and those of our clients (hello Instapundit!) would be put to better use in this country buying herbal Viagra online.


(Glenn, the info you requested below. Please fwd to Mickey, Andrew and Virginia)

This summary may not contain all of the information that may be important
to you. You should read this entire prospectus, including the financial data and
related notes, before making an investment decision. Unless otherwise
specifically stated, the information in this prospectus has been adjusted to
reflect the conversion of all our 12% Series A Cumulative Compounding Preferred
Stock into shares of Class A Common Stock and a 1 for 1.5 reverse stock split of
our previously issued common stock, but does not take into account the possible
sale of additional shares of Class A Common Stock to the underwriters pursuant
to the underwriters' right to purchase additional shares to cover

7:16 AM

Thursday, November 28, 2002

Why We Give Thanks

For good jokes of course. And for popbitch who told this one:

* Nice of Michael Jackson to dangle his kid over a
balcony last week.
* Usually he just tosses them off.

Update: And for porn addiction apology/intervention postcards. Via Boing Boing , for which we also give thinks.

8:22 AM

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

A Tale of Two Cities or The Hunchmind of London

Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, seemed to me an affable old left-winger from the admittedly few articles I read about him when he was running a year or so ago. Your standard issue rumpled-suit socialist, lousy on the big issues but tolerable as a good government, locally oriented pol. But judging from his comments here he is actually a malicious prig, a stupid man. And a bad one.

Maybe they should move Miss World again. Across the channel this time. I think the Mayor of Paris might be wiser, more welcoming and courageous than the miserable Mayor of London has proven to be.

4:26 PM


An Agenda Bender Thanksgiving Story

Atrios linked my comments about Rod Dreher's temporal dyslexia and I was reading the comments posted there when I came across this story about a gay man whose adoption plans were thwarted. He was on the verge of adopting 4 children from the same family, 3 boys and a girl, only to have the plan derailed by challenges to his fitness as a parent. In the end he was allowed to adopt the boys. But he was denied the girl and she was adopted by her Christian foster parents who had been the ones to first raise objections to her being raised by a gay man.

In less than a year's time it was discovered that the girl's new adoptive father was molesting her and had been molesting her all during the time he was making a public controversy over a gay man adopting her and her brothers. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the kids are "all brain-damaged from fetal alcohol syndrome." Here's a pic of the gay dude with one of the boys, Agenda Bender's attempt to get you in the Thanksgiving mood. And make you cry.

These events are almost three years old so I kept trying to find an updated story to see if Craig Peterson, the gay dad--might as well give him a name at this point, had gotten the boys' sister back. I finally found an ACLU press release (cached on google) about an Indiana State Supreme Court ruling supporting the parental rights of gay parents that would seem to give the answer in a passing and pleasing way:

Craig Peterson of Indianapolis, a gay man who has adopted four children and is adopting two more, has a unique vantage point. He has endured legal challenges and public scrutiny in his adoption efforts. "The best interests of the children should always be considered," he said. "We have to be careful that we don't have such a real narrow version of what a family is."

So the sister would make the original four and now there are two more on the way.

And all this isn't even what really got my attention about the original story linked in the comments about my post. I hadn't known the story about Peterson and his kids, though it appears to have gotten a fair amount of press, and I'm very glad to have learned of it especially it's deeply satisfying ending. What really struck me at first was that the initial link I followed took me to a Christian web site that reprinted the story and took its message to heart. How could you not of course but then it appears they took it to head. Which was less predictable. At the end of their reprint of the AP story about the events there is this:

I would like your comments on how it seems to you this would be addressed:

Is the man who adopted the girl to be considered better than the homosexual?

Is heterosexual perverted sex with children less abominable than homosexual behavior?

As a professing Christian, is his sin "covered" with the "imputed righteousness of Christ" even though(and while) he committed the sin, was sent to jail, and the girl and wife were greatly injured and harmed.?

Do you think he was a born-again man at the time he was sinning against the girl?

Since he has a sin nature(say some), and will sin every day anyway(say some), does it matter the he did what he did?

Could he have refrained from the act? Or, as some say, we all sin every day in thought, word and deed, and that was just his daily sin in thought and deed.?

How low can it go?

PLEASE, click here, and send us your thoughts

I can't think of anything that more illustrates the poverty of the doctrinal errors and practices of present day evangelical christianity.
with Tears, Dennis

Dennis loses me a little with the "sin nature" doctrine and its implications but I think his distress is apparent and that he's to be admired for opening himself up to new possibilities. Which gives the story two happy endings.

11:02 AM

Monday, November 25, 2002

The Virus Defense

A bad day for pastor Smith. I don't think the "a virus filled my computer with porn" defense has legs though. The immaculate download defense might be worth a shot. Via Politech.

Porn shows up in businessman's slide show
Associated Pres

FORT WORTH -- A North Texas businessman has been jailed after co-workers reported an image of child pornography showed up on a screen as he gave a computer slide presentation recently.

...Exel Inc. co-workers told police Smith had just completed a PowerPoint presentation on Sept. 4 when he tried to open another document on his laptop computer. The co-workers said a photograph of a nude young boy appeared on the screen.

...According to the police report, Smith told Exel officials that a computer virus had caused the image to appear. Nevertheless, police said Excel officials fired Smith and contacted police the following week after a search of his laptop found pornographic photos of children that appeared to have been e-mailed to others.

...Smith is also pastor of Landmark Baptist Church in Sanger. His wife, Julie Smith, said they have been married for 13 years and have two children.

"He's never hurt our children. As far as I know he's never hurt anyone's children," she said. "He has always taken very good care of me and our children. Anything we needed or wanted, he worked and I got it."

She said the congregation at the Sanger church was told Wednesday night that her husband was resigning immediately, but was not told why. He had been pastor of the church for 3 1/2 years.

8:52 PM


Paddy McAloon, My Idea of a Saint

Best band with the worst name? No competition, Prefab Sprout. Start anywhere but be sure to get here eventually. Don't think it ever even got a US release, effing crime. The import price is a joke, buy it used.

3:53 AM


A Textbook Case

Two related posts from Agenda Bender star reporter Rod Dreher in the Corner today. Number 1:

Last week in Chicago, police charged a 19-year-old homosexual man with the murder of a 51-year-old co-worker whose body was found in his house. Nicholas Gutierrez has reportedly confessed to killing Mary Stachowicz in a fit of rage after the Catholic woman told him his lifestyle was morally wrong. I don't believe in the idea of hate crimes; crime is crime. But quite a number of people who bring us the news do, and they're paying no notice to what easily meets their definition of a hate crime. Of course, had a Christian had been arrested on charges of murdering a gay man, you would have seen the Matthew Shepard media frenzy all over again. So far, nothing but silence from the national media. You may believe Mary Stachowicz was quite wrong in her convictions, but it is anti-Christian bigotry to believe her death should be ignored, while the death of Matthew Shepard should be marked (as I believe it should have been). The media shouldn't be allowed to get away with this. Somehow, I doubt talk radio and the blogosphere will let them.

And here's post deuce:

With reference to poor Mary Stachowicz, I've just heard from a Catholic friend of mine, a gentle and humane layman active nationally in Courage, the organization for homosexually-oriented Catholics who wish to live faithful to the Church's teachings (and by the way, this guy is getting no help from the bishop of his supposedly conservative diocese in establishing a local chapter). Anyway, he said he averages two death threats a week from gays hostile to his ministry. "More people need to talk about Mary Stachowicz," he writes. Sounds like in her, Courage may have found an unofficial patron saint.

THIS MONTH'S JESSE DIRKHISING? Perhaps you are wondering, wha? huh? who? Jesse Dirkhising was the 13 year old boy who was bound and sodomized, and finally strangled by two older gay men who were trusted as family friends. They claimed the death was accidental and called the police themselves to report the death. One later pled guilty to and the other was convicted of rape and murder charges. Dirkhising is the anti-Matthew Shepard to conservatives, the innocent young man killed by homosexuals but with none of the national attention that Shepard's death received. So, you are probably assuming, this happened last month right? If Mary is this month's Jesse then Jesse must have been last month's victim of homicidal homosexuals. Actually Jesse died over 3 years ago. But in Rod Dreher's perceived space/time continuum gays are on a monthly killing spree. Last month in 1999 it was Jesse, this month it was Mary Stachowicz and next month in 2006 it will be god only knows who. (Must be a 3 year=1 month planet somewhere in the solar system, Planet Dreher perhaps).

But even more odd than Rod's calendar is Rod's catechism. According to the story Rod linked to (and yes it's from a gay news site, the case has been widely covered by the gay press, an interesting twist to Rod's charge of mass media blackout) Mary was killed by a 19 year old co-worker who said her preachments against his homosexuality (in his own home no less) enraged him. The young man accused in the crime, Nicholas Gutierrez, said he was reminded of similar arguments with his mother. The story ends with this cheerful bit of further information about Mr. Guitterrez, "Bail was set at $3 million for Gutierrez, who is a ward of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services." Clearly it's been a life of joy and plenty for Mr. Gutierrez. And what could me more appropriate than "unofficial" sainthood for Miss Stachowicz, the angel who ministered to him in his time of need.

You can't even spread the good news of God's disapproval of his life and love to a homosexual in his own home anymore without risking martyrdom. Yes the case "easily meets their definition of a hate crime." Textbook case. Haters marauding around their own livingrooms bashing innocent old ladies who just dropped by to tell them how far from God's grace they've fallen. Exactly the circumstances hate crime laws were written for.

And the national media is whistling Silent Night past this graveyard. Yet every time a straight-hating gay man is killed by his straight neighbor for lecturing to him against heterosexuality in his foyer the media is ALL OVER the story.

3:26 AM

Sunday, November 24, 2002

The Spectre

This is the funniest and most strangely inspiring movie I've seen in 2 yrs and 7 months. Since it was 2 years and 7 months ago that I saw THIS movie. The similarities between these movies are striking and they would make a terrific double bill. They also both point to the spectre that is haunting Hollywood. Turn a camera on any half-way interesting human being and follow them around and after a year or so you'll have a better movie than 99.89% of the product of Hollywood (or Sundance) at 1% of the cost.

12:22 PM