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Agenda Bender
Saturday, January 25, 2003  


Three terrific records. Remind me to sign up for that Amazon affiliates thing sometime so I can make a buck off my exquisite taste:

Charlie Haden Quartet West: The Art of Song

16 Horsepower: Secret South

Garbage: Beautiful

1:19 PM


Bogus Chasing

The very mossy Rolling Stone bug chasing story has been blown up in several places. Tim Cavanaugh gets a little closer to the urban legend heart of it here. And the stories are overwhelmingly legends, which is to say mythical extrapolations of some few real incidents and some dark human fears and drives. Contrast Cavanaugh's real reporting with Rod Dreher's rebroadcasting of any twisted inanity that makes it to his email box:

This is getting interesting. Newsweek has a piece up that largely follows Andrew Sullivan's criticism of the story's sourcing. An NRO reader writes, of the RS piece: "Nothing really new here though. I was aware of that whole scene back in the early 90s here in San Francisco. There were conversion parties where a [passive anal sex partner] would be infected or Russian roulette orgy parties where one unknown person would have AIDS."

Dreher had accepted the RS story as true in an initial post, had linked to Andrew Sullivan's demoltion of it in a second post and then jumped back in with the post above. I'm kicking myself that I didn't think to send Rod an email myself with similar first-hand testimony of HIV blood in the punch bowl parties, or HIV Piñata parties (not sure how those would work yet, need to brush up my memories). And it's not just that Dreher did no follow-up to substantiate the facts of this singular email, the second instance mentioned--the russian roulette parties--is a logical impossibility. How exactly does one organize an HIV roulette party with one HIV+ partyboy circulating among the other HIV- revelers? How exactly do you find the unknown HIV+ and how does he stay unknown? Likewise the HIV- party majority? Who is hosting these parties, God on his gay weekend trips to town? Whoever did throw these parties must have been as omniscient as Rod is noniscient.

Curious too that I've yet to read any mention of the circumstance that probably leads to most of whatever small amount of bug chasing might actually exist. And that's sero-discordant long term relationships. Committed, loving relationships between HIV+ and an HIV negative partners create undercurrents of guilt and fear that might engender thoughts of joining a loved one in his predicament or of banishing the fear of falling by choosing to jump. Even with these incentives I don't believe that more than a miniscule few make that conscious choice (unconscious self-sabotage is another question). Even more absurd to think that more than a vanishingly small number would make the choice to chase HIV at anonymous sex parties or with HIV+ vanishing hitchhikers.

12:38 PM

Friday, January 24, 2003

Building a Better Boyfriend

I've got the vascular system sculpted and throbbing thanks to my trusty Canon BJC 4000. Apparently now I have to buy an IPod to flesh out the specifics. Posting probaby light for a few days till I get him up and running. Anyone have a link to a good babyname generator? I mean I'm building him full-size but he'll be a baby to the world. Ohmigod, can you imagine all the scrapes and misunderstandings he'll probably get into, gorgeous and stupid (at first anyway) as he's gonna be? Probably nickname him Mac because of the IPod connection but that's gonna get old quick so I need a proper, up-to-date name for all the paperwork and such (his last name is Canon of course--wish I'd bought a Lexmark or a Hewlett-Packard, fancy names like that could probably open a lot of doors for him, well you live and learn). Thanks!

2:46 PM

Thursday, January 23, 2003

On the Request Line

Sending this one out to the Corner, and to Lou and Rachel. It's called I Do Both Jay and Jane, a club hit from a couple years back. It's a cheesy (hate that word--but facts is facts), minimalist lil' rhythm thing, but I love it.

Kind of reminds me of Strafe's Set it Off. Not as brilliant as that one of a kind record (almost 20 years old and it still fascinates) but it has that same struck-by-genius-in-the-basement-one-time-only magic. (30 seconds of the Strafe magic here --you gotta look).

Sexy chick voice sings:

I met a boy his name was Jay he was so fine
I met a girl her name was Jane she wanted to be mine
I met a boy his name was Jay he was the one
I met a girl her name was Jane she wanted to have fun
He had a vision of things that I needed,
She understood how a woman should be treated
Got a decision which one should I choose
When it comes to Jay and Jane there's just no way to lose

I do both Jay and Jane
They make me feel the same
There's no shame to my game
I do both Jay and Jane

Hahahaha, I do both Jay and Jane, so stupid, so great.

There should have been an answer record. Sexy chico voice singing, well, pretty much the same thing. I have a quibble with the names though. Jay is OK, lot of Jays walking around these days, but Janes seem kind of scarce to me. I think Seth and Beth would have been truer to the times. Or maybe Sean and Dawn. Or Cameron and Gabrielle, just to clear the dancefloor.

11:07 AM

Tuesday, January 21, 2003


Hirschfeld really was a genius. All designers of face recognition programs should study him too. Oh wait a second, that would move us closer to planet panopticon, so forget I suggested that. This movie about him gives you some idea of his vast (hmmm, wrong word, maybe deep?) talent. And what a life fully lived even into its 10th decade looks like. Very beautiful is what it looks like.

11:55 PM


Ordinary Heterosexuals

Agenda Bender roving correspondent Rod Dreher again hits paydirt. Texas Tea (in the secret lingo).

He's mentioned Dr. Judith Reisman in the Corner several times in the last couple days. She's been involved in a dispute with Variety, the show business koran (cliché remodeling--a house specialty), over a rejected ad of hers that supposedly debunks Alfred Kinsey. A film about the sex researcher is currently in production, so Reisman had her hook to hang a little advertprop on--in the great PETA tradition. I've read enough to know that Kinsey's methods are open to pretty substantial criticism so I assumed Reisman was rehashing those points. But then I read the article about the rejected ad and discovered that Reisman was coming from a somewhat unexpected direction, that her criticisms were a little more, oh, let's just say hardline. Oh, let's just further say the simple fact is Dr. Reisman has a bug up her ass as big as the Ritz. Ad copy a la Dr. R.:

MGM/United Artists and Myriad Pictures' upcoming feature film celebrates Alfred C. Kinsey, a man who produced and directed the rape and torture of hundreds of infants and children. Kinsey will be played by actor Liam Neeson.

...Kinsey’s data are based on reports from co-workers who sexually abused more than 300 minors to prove that children 'enjoy' sex with pedophiles. Some of the victims were only 2 months old and subjected to more than 24 hours of non-stop sexual atrocities. One Kinsey contributor was a WWII Nazi officer. His young victims had to choose between rape or the gas chamber.

Dreher deserves some slight credit for later linking this blog explication of Resiman's history and methods. But what kind of timed-release hate drugs is Rod taking that he could have pumped up Reisman for even one hot, sweaty N'Orleans second? Will he link any gay bashing bughouse prophet who registers a domain name and scrapes together the server fees? Or only the ones who can also scrape together the Ph.D. tuition fees? And what is it with this straight faced Dr. Reisman shit? I thought the Corner cons saw through bogus honorifics. Or does their disdain for laughable Dr. tags only extend to black clerics, educrats and liberal academics? Does a Ph.D.1980 in Communications from Case Western Reserve University all of a sudden become a scary credential when the credentialed communicates anti-gay slander? The National Review style book must be a ripe hairball of cross referenced particularities and countervailing exceptions.

In his most recent post Dreher says that Reisman feels she's being subjected to a smear campaign and she urges readers to visit her page and see for themselves what she's all about. I do too. I linked the page of her most recent articles. I've only read one so far but I will return again many times to this box of culture-con candy, this bag of crunchy-con potato chips (like Rap Snacks but with Master Rod D on the front instead of Master P). A few bites from just one:

Cracking the 'chicken' code
Editor's note: The following
column contains content of a sexual nature that some readers may find objectionable

By Judith A. Reisman & Eunice Van Winkle Ray

...Ordinary heterosexuals can no more understand the secret homophile argot than can ordinary Americans understand Mandarin Chinese. Dr. Reisman's formal academic studies included training in a World War II scientific method used to decode the Axis intentions by reading, categorizing and then analyzing their words and phrases. Today this same "content analysis" method opens up the secret code of the pederast-homophile movement

Oh, it's impossible, I can't excerpt this thing. I want to quote every word. You have to read it all. Amusing too, how Reisman makes a fairly good point about the inaptness of the party theme and the ineptness of the benefit planners (who provide the text for her exegesis and homocode cracking) and then displays her own vastly superior talent for ineptness and her near super powers of inaptitude. Show off.

And Eunice Van Winkle Ray, the co-authoress from heaven. Or outerspace anyway. Hold your ray gun to my head, press your space face close to mine, love, freakout in a moon-con daydream oh yeah.

Fair warning, Eunice. Your name inflames me, I'm an alligator, I'm a mama-papa comin' for you!

Update:What was I thinking? Here I am making blog love to that fairest flower of the Van Winkle Ray clan, making blogspot goo goo eyes to a lass whose name is veritable subdivison, with its own zipcode and its own laws (let's break them all, E.V.W.R!--another promise to Eunice: I'll be a Rock and Roll bitch for yooo ou ou). Here I am proclaiming my rock and roll bitchdom to a Winkle and WHO did I forget? Only MR. WINKLE!

10:59 PM

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Alert David Horowitz

Well, we missed the party. Maybe you didn't. I got an email with this promo for Traxx, the black gay club in Atlanta. It's the best argument for reparations I've yet heard. And the best method:


"40 Acres and a f**kin Mule"

Saturday January 18, 2003

we believe as descendants of African Slaves we should be compensated for our roles Not on helping build this great country, but also for our generational lost opportunities & years of discrimination which continues to this day....

Thats Why We Are Going To Give You The BEST DAMN Party You Ever Experienced

The Nations Best DJ's Spinning Hip-Hop & House Music

Club Kids To Give You Drama

Hotter Than Hot Go-Go Gods Providing an array of Scandalous Entertainment.

State Of Art Sound and Lighting

Outrageous Decorations and more.......

Yeah, the copy is a little odd, Not on helping...but also our generational, uhm, OK. But the premise works.

I don't know how long these will be online but check out the graphics in the Traxx ads for the MLK weekend. #1 and #2. It is Agenda Bender's dream that someday this version of the Emancipation Proclamation will liven up the classrooms of every High School in America. Amazing how bad most gay bar ads are. These aren't

8:24 AM


What the Hell, Vote Tommy L.

Some sort of William Gibson convergence is underway. His blog debuted last week, his new novel is about to come out, and a renegade populist candidate named Tommy Lapid looks set to hold the balance of power in Israel after the upcoming elections. Tommy Lapid, I'd vote for him on the name alone, a name that's got Gibson's fingerprints all over it. And you gotta love a 71 year old guy who holds on to the Tommy thing.

But Tommy's even better than his name promises. Classical liberal, anti-theocrat, who supports gay rights unequivocally. Here's his party's statement of principles.

Agenda Bender officially endorses Tommy Lapid and the Shinui party in the Israeli elections. We might even endorse him in the 2004 US elections when the time comes for us to play kingmaker here.

7:12 AM