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Agenda Bender
Friday, April 25, 2003  

A Fistful of Zadora

I listened to Ennio Morricone's score for Butterfly, the infamous Pia Zadora vanity production, oh, probably 5 times today. I listened to the closing track another 10 times. It's called It's Wrong for Me to Love You. It's sung by Pia Z. It may be wrong for me to love her and that song, but I now do.

It is of course mandatory for anyone with pretensions of hipness to love Ennio M. Do not resist, give in to the mandate. It is well and just to love Morricone.

This is probably his greatest score. But there are dozens I've yet to hear.

Ennio Morricone is the AgendaBender dude of the year for 1971, the year of The Red Tent.

7:23 PM


Where Depraved Monsters Are Dominant

Instapundit linked a noxious defense of sodomy laws by Clayton Cramer. Professor Reynolds tells us that he finds Cramer's arguments "unpersuasive" overall, and even "absurd" in the particular of Cramer's allegation that AIDS mortality rates are but the shadow of repealed sodomy laws. Nice of Glenn to keep things genteel and sporting, but does it matter that Cramer reveals himself as an out and proud homo hater in his blog? I'd call him unhinged but I doubt he ever had hinges, he's more a cracked patio door on rollers.

Cramer lived in northern California until recently and he looks back on his time there with mounting horror. Objects appear bigger and uglier as they recede in Clayton's rearview mirror:

If a state wants to ban it [polygamy], and again there is a broad agreement about it, that's fine with me, too. Ditto for sodomy, and bestiality, and all the rest. The nice thing about the federal system is that if you really can't bear to live in a state where depraved monsters are dominant (i.e., California, or at least the San Francisco Bay Area), it's not so difficult to move. I just wish I had left Babylon West a few years earlier.

Got that, Glenn? Sodomy and its brother, bestiality, run riot in the land of depraved monsters. Gotta love that "i.e." First he i.e.'s the whole state and then, in a moment of embarrassed reflection, he retracts that and only cedes most of northern California to the hegemony of the depraved monsters (i.e.--and this is a real i.e.--he puts down the 30lb sledgehammer and picks up 20 lb sledge.)

And here is the crux of C.C.'s argument for a renaissance in anti-sodomy legislation

I don't expect that sodomy laws are going to make homosexuality go away, nor do I expect such laws to make AIDS disappear. I do expect that if you don't have your choice of hundreds of different gay bars and casual sex clubs to go to for anonymous sex, because you are worried about being identified as homosexual, that it will slow down the rate of transmission a bit. (Of course, it's a bit late now to close the barn doors about AIDS; the disease is widely spread.)

Again Clayton seems ashamed of his own argument here since he pretends that the recriminalization of homosexual sodomy would merely lead to worries about "being identified as homosexual." Sure, badgering and intimidating people is great fun, especially when you have the power and the authority of the state behind you, but sodomy laws are not about identifying homosexuals and causing them salubrious anxiety, they are about arresting homosexuals and punishing them for their crimes, with fines, jail and (as Clayton would say) all the rest. Cramer reveals his shame in his argument with a second fallback feint along the same lines. He tells us that the old sodomy laws were only "occasionally enforced" and thus engendered only "mild restraints on behavior".

And so Clayton, the "conservative with libertarian sympathies" who is "getting more conservative as [his] children get older", comes out in favor of recriminalizing sodomy but leaving the actual enforcement of the laws to whim and chance, in realization of the old conservative ideal of a government not of laws but of corrupt vice squads and bored police forces. God help us all when Clayton's kids reach adulthood.

Finally, listen to Clayton in the full glory of his liberation from the Babylonian monsterarchy, his escape from beneath the planet of the gays:

Does it offend you that your freedoms are being violated? Good. My freedoms are violated by having to pay for treatment for AIDS--a disease that almost no one who became sexually active after 1990 should be getting. It's not that hard to dramatically reduce the spread of AIDS--but you have to be willing to not use dirty needles, use condoms, and change sexual partners less often than you change socks. For many homosexual men and heroin addicts, that seems to be more willpower than they can muster.

I'm glad Instapundit finds all this "unpersuasive" and a touch "absurd" in its statistical speculations. It's just that Glenn seems to find more appropriate modifiers to describe the poetry and prose of other hate freaks. Like say, Amiri Baraka or Ted Rall or Michael Moore. Cramer is certainly their equal in specious extrapolation and malign polemic. I guess he gets the special gun-guy dispensation.

6:59 PM

Thursday, April 24, 2003

How We Make Sausage

AgendaBender has hired The Stoop Group, an internet traffic consultancy firm, to brainsturm and minddrang some
strategies and contingencies for calendar year 2004. I know this is all a little inside baseball for most of you. You probably think the magic here just happens, and really we wouldn't have it any other way. But for those curious and reckless enough to take the wristwatch apart for the sake of an uncomprehending peek inside, here we see our new consultants plotting AgendaBender's page rank possibilities according to various algorithmystical parameters, SWAG assumptions and variableistic bullshiterations.

(via Tim Blair who made some other joke)

9:36 AM

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Mississippi Goddam

Eunice Waymon is dead. Agendabender mourns.

There look to be countless anthologies repackaging the greatness. I couldn't tell you which ones are best. I've got all the records and I don't know where I'd begin if I was boxing Nina, except that The Black Freighter (Pirate Jenny) --the gothest thing ever recorded--would be somewhere in the collection. Probably at the very beginning as the 2x4 to the back of the head to get your attention for what follows.

Or you could just buy it all. Why not start at the end and move counterclockwise through the decades. This late model Nina S. is sublime. Her spoken dedication at the the beginning of The Folks Who Live on the Hill moves me like I can't say, and I'll be damned if I know why. And my god that song.

2:36 PM


Spam Goes to War

Spam header in the AOL mailbox this morning, seems a little stale though:


4:02 AM

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Nice Asset

The sexual perils of skullduggery management as related in the New York Times:

"Getting too close to the asset is the thing that most often brings an agent down," the official said. "It happens over and over again, and it's usually about sex or money."

...Ms. Leung was a prized F.B.I. "asset," paid $1.7 million over the last two decades to move seamlessly between her native China and her adopted home in Los Angeles in search of Chinese secrets.

But prosecutors now contend that Ms. Leung was a double agent.

They need to start screening FBI agents for heterosexual tendencies. Straight hijinks have caused no end of security breaches in recent years.

3:53 AM