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Agenda Bender
Friday, May 16, 2003  

Snake Eyes or Naked Thighs?

A Massachusetts teacher's union accountant embezzles $800 g's (I'm old skool, I guess 800k is more state of the jargon) to feed his casino monkey. A guy can lose track though:

``OK, I originally thought it was over $500,000, but I'm not surprised it's $800,000,''' he told authorities, documents show.

Man, I love that "OK". But that's not even the quote that made me link the tale. It's this line from a local teachers union official:

``I only had one question from my members: was it fast women or slow horses?'' O'Sullivan said

The matter of fact acceptance of human failures encoded in that question is so great. Though it doesn't cover all the frailties and low road exits.

Was it hot boys or shiny toys?
Was it rock or stocks?
Was it big boats or little sisters?
Was it horses and dogs or kittens with whips?
Was it bookies or hookies?
Was it bongs or thongs?
Was it Hialeah or Lolita?
Was it Agendabender or the Corner?

(link via Joanne Jacobs)

8:01 PM

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Get In Line

The list of those who can eat me: Roger Simon, Mickey Kaus, Glenn Reynolds and most of all David Warren and Charles Johnson. These are the main relays and idiot switches for the slander against Salam Pax that
coursed through the blogtrix on Wednesday. It started with David Warren's dishonest and deeply dumb piece in the Ottawa Citizen. Warren's original charges were then patched through Roger Simon's reverb and Charles Johnson's bass amp. Mickey did his trademark winking and linking, don't mean anything by it, but in case there's something to all this I can pretend I actually offered an opinion when it mattered routine. And Instapundit linked the libel at several different sources and thoughtfully balanced those by pointing to the Little Green Fuzzballs discussion that was about 70/30 calumny v common sense.

Bravo blogosfarians. This amazing tool we all share enables an interesting human being with a singular voice to write in real time (and then slightly delayed time) and reach a world audience from inside the walls of a brutal regime in wartime, and instanter the net bravos from distant lands far on the other side of those walls are calling him a quisling. On what evidence? Such evidence as this from David Warren, a citizen Ottawa is welcome to:

"Salam Pax" is the crème de la crème. He drops brilliantly casual asides. For instance, one of his insightful tips to the Western journalists was that "ordinary" Iraqis despise all these exiles who have parachuted in with the U.S. military, and who have "appropriated" such private property as the old Mansour Social Club, and Iraqi Hunting Club -- which were Baathist social preserves (clubs in which Salam would likely have had memberships). He falsely suggests that these properties were obtained through "looting." (They were assigned to the exiles by the U.S. military.)

You see Salam is such a facile manipulator and deep operator that he deliberately clouds the sunshinebrite line between properties appropriated through looting and those "assigned to the exiles by the U.S. military."
Salam proves himself so depraved by this wild elision that it's but a half step to Warren's next accusation:

Now, Salam would never have known any "ordinary" Iraqis, unless he was interrogating one privately.

Everyone keeping up? Salam feels pique at local institutions handed over to the US approved and imported exileocracy, so he thereby reveals himself as a police state inquisitor, utterly ignorant of his own people and country. It's all so clear from Canada.

And from California, where Roger Simon tut-tuts in agreement. He, like Warren, has his doubts Salam is even gay, and expresses them in a parenthetical "supposedly" (lazily) . And the basis for this speculation? Roger and David's Baghdad gaydar just isn't giving them a positive read on Salam P, it seems . Righto, Rog, thanks for the telling detail and the razor's edge insight. Really fleshes out the character. And gee, I'm sure there's no echo of the old refrain about the basic inauthenticity of gay men in any of this, here's a gay man so artificial he isn't even gay. So inauthentic and other that he only knows his countryman when they peek up at him from under his boot.

So childish and or malevolent, such a gay deceiver that he harbors resentment for those people who, in Warren's words, were "fighting the good fight against Mr. Saddam abroad,". Governments in exile are always so courageous and steadfast--it's all sterling history there--amazing how they even deign return to lead the cowering masses who never had the balls to challenge tyranny from abroad. Noblesse Oblige doesn't begin to cover it.

Salam is such an embittered, deposed nomenklateratti that he belittles the expertise and efficiency of the American transition team in Iraq, a team so sure-footed and swift that, well, they were all called home and their jerseys were retired after three weeks.

It couldn't just be that Pax is the son of a fairly privileged family within Saddam's Iraq, that his privilege gave him experience and knowledge of the world beyond iraq's borders, but that in spite of his advantages and his relatively cosmopolitan outlook his entire life was shaped, and half of it lived, beneath the billboard gaze of Saddam. And that cosmopolites can turn nationalist pretty fast when wars loom close to home ( check out Vienna circa 1916), And that wars in Iraq look and feel differently to Iraqis than they do to, oh say, Ottawans. And that maybe people can tell us things worth knowing while at the same time being prey to delusions, prejudice, confusion and ignorance. Which is to say maybe we can learn something even from human beings less perfectly formed and finished than David Warren, Charles Johnson and Roger Simon. And that maybe Salam is a human being many times more complex, contradictory and variable than his blog shadow can ever, or will ever, reveal.

Nah. Dude's gotta be some kind of phony homo pomo disinfo mofo.

Salam Pax, meet Stupid Fux.

Update: Roger Simon writes that he hopes I wasn't imputing any anti-gay feelings to him above. No, I try not to play that game. I think there is an undercurrent of anti-gay hostility in some of the attacks on Salam's credibility, but that concerns me much less than the wholesale slurs David Warren peddles (and which Simon, Kaus, Reynolds, and Johnson blithely linked either in agreement, or as a covering-all-bets ploy--I have a lot more respect for those who linked Warren and dared an actual opionion than the weak-kneed gamblers). Warren's piece was an intellectual and ethical mess. It didn't deserve Simon and Johnson's nods or Kaus and Reynold's poker faced links.

5:36 AM

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

The Tree in the Mirror

I can't imagine reading this page and not reading Andrew Sullivan as well, so it seems superfluous to link something there, but fact is I don't always read Andrew's articles, op-eds and such. I have a bloggish impatience with prose of any length lately. Online prose anyway. But I did read this recent longer piece by Andrew, an answer to Dennis Prager, a columnist I have heard of but have never read. Prager is really just the pretext, though, he's a handy example of the type (conservative, christian, gay-disliking but not hating, a tree that can't see itself for the forest) that Andrew anatomizes so deftly here.

8:42 PM

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

And 46 Bartenders

From planetout:

Montreal police arrested 34 people in a raid early Saturday morning at a strip bar in the city's Gay Village.

...Those detained included four customers and 23 dancers, one of whom was described as a minor. Seven others were described as managers, according to the Montreal Gazette.

Memo to myself: if ever arrested in gay stripper bar raid identify yourself as a "manager".

6:17 AM

Monday, May 12, 2003

Approximately Very Well Known

Moonbase Bender is almost operational. Except for the colonists and the rocket ship. Oh yeah, and the atmospheric dome. And the billions to build it.

Can't wait to meet the neighbors. I hope we don't get any more former presidents moving in. I'm thinking three of them would put us at the riff-raff tipping point:

Famous Property Owners
Approximately 250 very well known celebrities as well as two former US presidents are now extraterrestrial property owners. This includes approximately 15 main actors from the original Star Trek series, as well as the Next Generation and Voyager series. In addition, 30 past and present members of NASA own property on the Moon.

11:18 PM


Walt Whitman Lived There

News of Camden camerados gone wrong, from Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer:

Annette Daidone says she doesn't know much about the Mafia or her ex-husband's alleged involvement in it.

But the former Mrs. Daniel Daidone does know this: If as the government contends, her former spouse was associated with mob boss Ralph Natale in the late 1990s, the arrangement was a money-losing proposition.

"I thought people joined the mob to make money," the Cherry Hill resident said. "Danny never made a penny. It cost us money... and look what it got him."

..."Danny had that appearance as a businessman," Natale said while testifying at Milan's trial in November 2000. "He could speak much better than a lot of the hoodlums that I had around me."

...The Daidones, who were married for 26 years, divorced in 1998. He has since remarried.

"It was like he fell in love with Ralph," Annette Daidone said of her ex-husband's infatuation with the mob boss. "He'd do anything he asked him."

The prosecution is expected to replay Daidone's greatest wired moment, a highlight of a previous trial that put the former Camden mayor in jail:

"I haven't been given one contract in that city, not one," Daidone said to a business associate in a phone conversation that was taped by the FBI. "I'm (expletive) livid... I'm handing out (expletive) money like it's going out of (expletive) style for every (expletive) thing they asked me to do in that city. Every (expletive) thing...

"I didn't have to give him no campaign money. I didn't have to buy (expletive) turkeys... I didn't have to go out in the cold (expletive) weather like I did... and hand out (expletive) turkeys to (expletive) people with snot hanging out of their (expletive) noses. But I (expletive) did it... And then be treated in this (expletive) way?"

6:22 AM

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Joke for the Thugophiles

From an AOL profile. First time one these Mastercard parodies amused me:

Hilfiger jeans - $65 Wifebeater T - $8 CK boxers -$18 Timberland boots- $125 Titanium pendant - $300 Seeing them on the floor beside my bed - priceless

Update: AOL profile poetry:

Apples are Sweet, Lemons are sour, nothing is better than Puerto Rican Power.

10:58 PM