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Agenda Bender
Saturday, August 30, 2003  

Blondes: Thicker Than Water

More blonde jokes from the brunette nieces. They gave me two, so I had to make up one in return. Theirs are better.

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead are stranded on a desert island. They find a magic bottle and the genie inside grants them each one wish.

The brunette says, " I wish I was back home!" Whhoooosshh, she disappears.

The redhead says, "I wish I was back home!' Whhoooosshh, she disappears.

The blonde says, "I wish I had my friends back!"


A blonde is shopping with her brunette friend. She excitedly says to her friend, "We have to go to Toys R Us next!"

Her friends says, "Why?"

"Well, I have to get another puzzle, I did so well with the last one. It only took me one month to finish!"

"One month? What's so great about that?"

"The box said 3-4 months!"


Why did the blonde cross the road?

She was researching the chicken joke.

Much better.

12:06 AM

Friday, August 29, 2003

Like a Matron

So Madonna freedom kisses Britney and Christina at the MTV music awards. But when Missy Elliot, a real honest to god dagger, joins them onstage there's no kiss for her.

What will Madonna have to do to L'il Romeo and L'il Bow Wow during the opening number for next year's VMA's when the follow up to American Life (British Housewife, perhaps) tanks, too? I hope they wear their freedom letters.

With her appearance last night Madonna enters the heat vampire stage of her career. Anthropologists of fame note that buzz parasitism is observed in all alpha males and females as they get pushed to the back of the alphabet.

In its most extreme form the overthrown alphas will sometimes engage in cannibalism of the rising alpha generation.

I'm thinking VMA's 2011. Madonna and an entre as yet unknown.

4:24 AM

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Human Interest

You may click on only one of these stories. I mean it:

Crack-Crazed Canned Carnie On Half-Naked (That Half Alternating) Fair Ground Grope Rampage, Collides with Moderately Fast Train

Mother of the Bride in Mother of All Rages, Cops to Bitch-Slapping Substitute Go-Go Boy-- Says He Stripped, Snubbed and Runned

Second-Time-No-Wiser Produce Aisle Footophile Gets Six Seasons for Unauthorized Doggie Pleasing And Piggy Licking

12:24 AM

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I Want Some, Want Some

This is the Assembly Building of the Venuvian Inter-Planetary Council (the V.I.P.C.). It is the largest limestone structure in Drakvanesoa, the capital city of Saturn.

Ooops, my mistake. I got the slides from my summer vacation mixed up. That is actually the Alabama Judicial Building. Former home of this monument.

You'll be glad to know that this temple made sacred to Alabama Justice (the very words ring of fairness, wisdom and equality under the law) is a stonework marvel. Dig the blown away subtext in this description of the A.J.B. from the masonry company that got the $10,000,000 job:

Description: Huge cubic limestone installation, giant barrel columns and articulated steps, cornice work, railings and balustrades, largest limestone project in the Southeast.

So if God is going to smite the A.J.B. he's got his work cut out for him. I wouldn't mind seeing those giant barrel columns crumble. Not because of the Decalogue relocation, but as punishment for public works decadence. Retribution for judicial megalomania, bureaucratic good taste, and cost plus plus contracting.

You can take a virtual tour of the AJB here. You have to dl a small zoom applet to take the tour, but it only takes a second and it's very much worth it. I haven't found a clear image of the banished monument, though I believe it is visible from the courtyard tour as you look back into the main hall. It's that blurry grey plinth just to the right of the entryway. (Now they have to pry it from the cold, dead virtual lobby.)

The most fun is to stand in the middle of the rotunda and hold your mouse button down at the left or right edge of the image. You will spin and spin and spin and spin. Like a record, baby.

And end up like this guy.

Or this guy.

6:24 PM


The Cardinal's Point: or Anti-Gay Versus Vs. Gays

New email correspondent Steven Malcolm Anderson sends word of another quivering of Tim Graham's exquisite sensibilities.

Steven's blog is quite interesting, and he gets special commendation for his rumblefish reading list. Ayn Rand AND G.K. Chesterton. The Bible, The U.S. Constitution AND Smut: Erotic Reality/Obscene Ideology . The book about color perception looks interesting, too. I wonder if Steven has read G.H. Gombrich's oh so great Art and Illusion. I'm thinking he has.

One more instance of Tim Graham upset from The Corner archives. It looks like Tim is specializing in a version of the always entertaining debate and defense lawyer strategy of putting the facts destructive to your side on the table first. At which point you begin reciting the Greek alphabet backwards as you vigorously pound the table. In hope that the uncomfortable facts will eventually fall off the table and roll under the sofa. Or into the corner (a worse fate).

Tim, facts, table:

Jim Romenesko is pointing out that Chicago's Cardinal George attacked the Chicago Sun-Times yesterday for the headline: "Pope Launches Global Campaign Vs. Gays."

In response, Sun-Times editors issued a statement demonstrating they understood the Cardinal's point: "We meant no disrespect to the Holy Father or the church...We understand the pope condemns what he believes to be the sin of homosexuality and not the individual."

But they also defended their headline: "When the pope urges all peoples to unite in denying homosexuals a specific civil right --the right of civil marrage -- to refer to that summons as anti-gay is justified."

They're missing the point. The word "anti-gay" was not in the headline --the words "global campaign vs. gays" was the headline. If you are gay and don't fervently wish to have what proponents call gay marriage enshrined in law and custom, is the Pope conducting a "global campaign" against you?

2:01 AM

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

As If

Another homophile has crowded into The Corner. I don't know who Tim Graham is, but he started showing up recently. They must need him to pump up the gayish content since Rod Dreher moved his obsessions to Dallas (man, the moving bill for that), and only posts sporadically now. The Duchess, Kurtzie and the rest do their best, but Dreher was the real street cop on the perversity beat. Dude was tireless. It was like he lived for it. Very much like it.

The rookie weighs in:

In an update on an earlier post, CBS's "Amazing Race 4" ended last night with the gay male couple, Reichen and Chip (always accompanied by the graphic "Married") won the contest as it ended in Phoenix. What followed was lots of preaching about the triumph of Americans "who happen to be gay" showing they can compete. As if someone said they were incapable of running, swimming, driving, and booking airline tickets. Anyway, another cultural bookend for the umpteenth re-airing of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" on NBC.

Oh righty, as if. This is the National Review's revised catechism, now. Whoever said the fags were lesser human beings? Of course, they're not incapable of running, swimming, driving, and booking airline tickets. They just cheapen the institution of running, swimming, driving, and booking airline tickets for the rest of us. And always gay swimming right in our faces.

Not a question of incapable. Where'd you ever get that idea? They're just, uh, untenable. Yeah, that's the airline ticket. Free to do whatever they want, in the privacy of their own planet. Not a problem.

2:34 AM

Monday, August 25, 2003

Make It Bigger

I'd been looking at the thumbnail of a picture all week as it lingered at the top of the Yahoo News list of most popular photos, but I never clicked it because I didn't really care which chick was featured on the cover of the new issue of Vice Magazine. I knew it had to be some hot TV, movie or pop babe, and while I take the culture's pulse constantly and check its other vital signs obsessively, I just couldn't make myself click on the pic to see the bigger version that would unravel the minor mystery. Until tonight. When I saw her again, and still near the top of the list, I figured I had to know who had won the net's faithless heart so consistently all week.

So I took one last look at the thumbnail hottie, the itty-bitty sweet thing's tiny booty in those mostly theoretical, see-through pink panties, as curiosity did its dirty work and I clicked. Like you will now.

Update: The change in tone from this post to the one immediately below is jarring even by Agenda Bender's Moses and Aaron at 78 rpm standards.

1:24 AM

Sunday, August 24, 2003

The City's Northwest Corner

Each detail in this story is sadder than the last. Including the boy's name (because it was beautiful, too).

9:48 PM


Afterschool Special

The Superintendent of Schools for Lubbock (Texas), Dr. Jack Clemmons, had this to say in an affidavit he submitted in defense of his decision to forbid a Gay Straight Alliance club from holding afterschool meetings on school grounds.

I would have denied other clubs whose basis was sex. I would have denied a Bestiality Club. I would have denied a Gigolo Club. I would have denied a Prostitute Club. Likewise, I would deny any club that has as its basis an illegal act, such as the Marijuana Club, Kids for Cocaine, the Drinking Club, etc.

The Superintendent of Schools for Lubbock (Texas), Dr. Jack Clemmons, had this to say in an email written on his office computer and sent to an underling employee of the Lubbock public schools. Listen in as he proposes an afterschool meeting on school grounds.

You still need to learn my habits and intentions. Like when you ask what you will get if you come in my office and I tell you that you will get a kiss. You should know by now that I mean that I will begin by giving you a kiss but that it will soon lead to a xxxxxx and then I will make love to you if you are willing.

He elaborated on his habits and intentions in another email:

I will give you an additional $500.00 ... If you will get totally naked with me here in the office. What do you think? I am serious. You would have to be naked and allow me to ‘play’ with your body!

The Superintendent of Schools For Lubbock (Texas), Dr. Jack Clemmons, resigned unexpectedly in March of this year.

The attorneys for the Lubbock school system continue to vigorously defend Dr. Jack Clemmons' refusal to allow the GSA to meet on school grounds.

Your prize for sticking with this post till the end. Jay Nordlinger's smart and funny column on honorifics inflation. Dr. Jack Clemmons brought it to mind. Thanks, Doctor J.

(The downfall of Dr. Jack via Atrios)

5:07 PM