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Agenda Bender
Saturday, October 09, 2004  

Dying While Young, White, Drunk and In College

Drudge led me to what must surely be the headline of the week:

Frat Brothers Scrawled Slurs On Dying Pledge

But what caught my eye when I got there was the list of follow-up stories in the month since the pledge's death. The Denver Post didn't just flood the zone, they dragged the zone to the middle of Old Lake Dillon, then sank it to the bottom:

Boulder creates alcohol plan
Oct. 7:

Boulder frat's charter revoked
Oct. 5:

CU death blamed on alcohol
Oct. 3:

CU asks for halt to liquor licensing
Fears swirl around device to inhale alcohol
Oct. 2:

Oklahoma fraternity death ruled as alcohol poisoning
Oct. 1:

CSU alcohol panel sees no quick fixes
Student, 19, found dead at University of Oklahoma
Alcohol deaths renew mom's resolve
Sep. 30:

CU neighbors ask Boulder to tighten liquor licensing
Frats at CU resist rush limits
Sep. 29:

Greeks' CU rush will be delayed
Sep. 27:

Past tragedies, reforms offer path for CU, CSU
Sep. 26:

"It's time to party"
Sep. 24:

College towns see underage drinking rise
The brotherhood of booze
Sep. 23:

Grieving parents want CU to change
Frat rite died to death
CU woes with alcohol, pledges not new
Millions paid in hazing lawsuits
Sep. 22:

400 gather at CU student's rites
Kin of CSU's Spady start effort to fight alcohol abuse
Sep. 21:

Excerpts from 911 distress call
"He drank way too much"
CSU students silently protest game beer ban
Sep. 20:

Frat mourns pledge's death
Sep. 19:

Teen was making his mark at CU
Amid ban, fans hit booze early
CU Greek events halted
Sep. 18:

Student found dead after CU frat party
Sep. 19:

Spady's death already changing CSU culture
Sep. 17:

Coroner: Spady had up to 40 drinks before her death
19 cited as CSU death is probed
Sep. 15:

Lieutenant governor to lead CSU alcohol probe
Sep. 12:

Students' binges growing heavier
Police track "trail of alcohol"
"Sam" mourned in stories, songs
Sep. 11:

Police tracking "trail of alcohol"
Sep. 10:

Hometown says goodbye to Spady
Family insists "one mistake" killed daughter
Death spurs CSU frats to ban booze at houses
Sep. 9:

Woman felt safe at frat house
Sep. 8:

How to send condolences
Alcohol deaths among college students
Frat suspended after alcohol death
Many are to blame in CSU death
Student remembered with stories, tears
Sep. 7:

Hometown remembers Spady as "good kid"
Booze, not foul play, eyed in CSU death
Sep. 6:

Body found at CSU fraternity

Update: I take it back, a little. The Denver Post wasn't just fixating on one student's drinking death with all these followups. There are actually two tragedies intertwined here. First, a coed at CSU died on Sept 6th, and then there was a second alcohol poisoning death at CU less than two weeks later. These kind of deaths get disproportionate press coverage, but the coincidence of two following so close together in two Colorado colleges justifies at least some of that disproportion.

1:52 PM


Swingapore High

Via BoingBoing comes this sweet-assed class pic and this screw-faced, school-admin ass-covering.

The gauntlet is now thrown down to the boys. The internet awaits your sexy embrace, dudes.

1:28 PM

Friday, October 08, 2004

The Debate

I am still "liveblogging" the first "debate". My favorite screen capture is up and my running commentary has slowed down enough for Project Gutenberg to transcribe the first twenty minutes of it.

8:35 PM


Scrumptious To Say The Least

There's a new store-front, fast-seafood joint on a bleak corner of North Philadelphia called The Krusty Krab. It, and the street it's on, look almost nothing like this.

I've often noticed that trademark attorneys are less diligent in the more severe neighborhoods. Or maybe the recipients of infringement letters are just less impressed there. Whatever protects the Krusty Krab (besides his krusty shell), it is as it should be.

8:21 PM

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Neo-Contrite Titan Is Example to Us All

Your Daily Chuckle. From David Frum's Diary at NRO, which is always good for one.

The Blogomite Principality of Frum shows grace in error, and misplace in sense of proportion:

I participated in a panel sponsored by the New Yorker this weekend on the future of neoconservatism after Iraq. I misstated something, and since the panel was broadcast by C-Span II, I thought I'd better correct the record. I referred on the panel to countries that purported to be allies of the United States but in fact played a more ambiguous part. I had meant to name "Saudi Arabia and Pakistan," but some synapse in my brain misfired and I cited "Saudi Arabia and Jordan" instead. Apologies all around, especially to America's friend and ally, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

1:09 PM

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A Chapter From My Memoirs

I rode in an elevator with Richard Avedon once. What I remember most from our time together was his endearing shyness, the gentlemanly diffidence that prevented him from asking me to pose for him, that prevented him from looking at me at all. What a charmer.

Au revoir, Funny Face.

1:45 PM


While the Future Is Here In a Second and the Past Was Here Until Just Now

"Two years ago, I would have said this wasn't going to last, but now I think reality is here to stay," one says. "People enjoy it too much."

That's a "sceptical writer" (and an oddly uncredited one) of televisual dramaturgy pissed-off that unorganized, cheap, silly reality shows are killing the labor market for overorganized, expensive, silly irreality shows.

1:18 PM


A Well Named Dog

Well maned, too.

1:08 PM

Sunday, October 03, 2004


Nagaland in northern India has an excellent name and a surfeit of rebel messiahs:

...The attacks shattered the relative calm of mainly agricultural Nagaland, where a truce has been in force with the region's largest separatist group, the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN), since 1997.

...Assam police official Khagen Sharma blamed the attacks on the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) and the NDFB -- two of around 30 rebel groups fighting for greater autonomy or independence in the region.

I support the National Democratic Front of Bodoland because if the winner gets to rename the place, Bodoland is just about as good as Nagaland. And because the Bodoland bobos sometimes blow up their own asses instead of those of hapless others:

...In another incident, three National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) militants were killed when an explosive device they were planting exploded in northern Assam's Darrang district early Sunday, police said.

10:39 AM