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Agenda Bender
Saturday, November 13, 2004  

The Spy Who Came In From the Freezer

Porter Goss, the new top spook at the CIA, is pissing off his spook troops with his disengaged management style. They're not to happy about with the team of loyal subordinates he's brought along with him either. Bitch fights are brewing at water coolers all over the building in Langley. Funny stuff.

The funniest stuff:

Michael V. Kostiw, who was Goss's first choice for executive director -- the agency's third-ranking official -- withdrew his name after The Washington Post reported that he had left the agency 20 years ago after having been arrested for stealing a package of bacon.

8:12 AM

Friday, November 12, 2004

I, New Media

OK, I'm liveblogging the Peterson verdict. It is 3:04 pm EST. The verdict is to be announced at 4:00 pm EST. That's what, like 56 minutes away? But wait, damn, the clock just flipped, make that 55 minutes....





Hey, I gotta go out. Hope to be back by 4:00.

While I'm gone I'm going to leave the TV on tuned to Fox News, so when I get back I'll remember what it was I was liveblogging. If I return in time, I'll continue bringing you into the moment, as best I can. No promises, though.

Update: One of Fox News reporters on the scene referred to the trial as "appointment TV" in the minutes leading up to the verdict.

I was refreshing Drudge's page to see how long it took him to get GUILTY up on his page. It was just about instantaneous, taking net lag into account, though the archive pic Drudge used to illustrate the verdict was an unfortunate choice. It showed a distressed-looking Scott Peterson sitting at the defense table behind his attorney, Mark Geragos. But Geragos was in transit and didn't get to the courtroom in time for the verdict.

3:02 PM

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Suburban Paleolithic

Xtian Apologetics, 2004:

Local Episcopal Priests Apologize For Being Druids

Priests Face Sanctions From Church

DOWNINGTOWN, Pa. -- Two Episcopal priests face possible punishment from the church after it was discovered that they were leaders of a local society of Druids, people who follow a pre-Christian practice of worshipping the sun and venerating the Earth.

While directing parishes in Malvern and Downingtown, the Rev. Glyn Ruppe-Melnyk and the Rev. William Melnyk, a married couple, were also spiritual guides to local Druids.

On Thursday, after national Christian groups and Internet bloggers accused the Episcopal Church USA of promoting paganism through the priests' activities, the two wrote letters of apology, saying they "recanted and repudiated" their connection with Druidism.

1:13 PM

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Shrunk and Abandoned: A True Tale of Policy Success Derailed

The headline on French Reuters story about T. Van Gogh's funeral had a fiercer (and weirder) kick than any on the English language ones I saw:

Theo Van Gogh incinéré en direct à la télévision néerlandaise

Nothing like a live broadcast of the cremation of a secular martyr to cool down a nation.

But weirder still were the analysis and regrets of Jean Tillie, a wooden-shoed poli-scientist quoted in the NYT's:

Jean Tillie, a professor of political science at the University of Amsterdam, said the debate had broken down a network that connected even the most extremist Muslim groups to the more moderate Muslim voices. He cited an Amsterdam government advisory board that brought together Moroccans and fostered communication and cohesion among all Muslims.

"Those groups participating didn't agree with each other, but they met together with the collective mission of advising the city government," he said.

The board was abolished a year ago, he said, as a result of the anti-immigration debate. He said that financing for other ethnic organizations had shrunk and that outreach policies had also been abandoned.

Yeah, balkanized municipal advisoy boards and government subsididzed ethnicity, that's the ticket. And punch my ticket harder next time, please.

Meanwhile the cowboy Dutch are on a wild west rampage. It's that Jan Wayne mentality, they're all a bunch of van Rambos over there.

1:05 AM

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Schrodinger's Arafat

Am I first?

2:21 PM

Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Naked Re-Launch

David Frum first floated the Arafat-is-gay-and-has-AIDS story last week in his Diary at NRO. Then he pumped in more gaseous speculations and floated it higher at Frontpage. But the balloon failed to rise out of the blogosphere.

Yesterday, with only three weeks to go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Jonah Goldberg tried to pump up the big, gay Arafat balloon again:

DOES ARAFAT HAVE AIDS? [Jonah Goldberg ]
The plot thickens.

Yes, it is getting thick over at NRO.

The link in the post takes you to a story at the Israel Insider (it bills itself as Israel's daily news magazine) which recounts Frum's original forays and does us the bigger favor of actually quoting the "lurid" details from the Romanian spook's memoirs that Frum was too polite to transcribe. Arafat is apparently a noisy fuck. (I guess all's quiet on the northern front when David does his duty with Danielle.)

And so now Jonah tries to re-break the story one more time. A story that first appeared on the very same site that hosts the Corner, NR Online.

(I'm waiting for someone to link my Atomic Tumbleweeds post below, so that I can link them in turn as further support for my sense of urgency in confronting the looming, rolling threat.)

It does seem that the major media is itching to take the story wide. How else explain the endless and increasingly suggestive references to the "mysterious illness" of a 75 year old man who has been noticeably unwell for quite some time.

If Arafat is gay and if he does have AIDS I'd like to know it, and I'd like for the world to know it, so I'm fine with these stories coming out if either, or both, are true. It does make me queasy that the coy-boy tag team of Goldberg and Frum is smuggling it into the mainstream. But someone's got to carry the backpack cognitive-dissonance-explosive-device into the bazaar.

10:22 AM


The Tumbleweed Singularity: the Shortest Sci-Fi Story Ever Written

Thinking, glowing, rolling weeds take over the earth.

The end.

The backstory.

Perhaps if we enslave them first, we can harness the planetary thistle-mind for our own purposes.

9:34 AM



Alternet looks on the bright side. The teaser to their lead story for the weekend:

Wrestling with a Gorilla
By William Rivers Pitt, Saturday, November 6, 2004.
Election 2004: If Bush's first four years are any indication of what is to come, and if the movement continues to hammer him, history will remember him single worst President the nation has ever known.

8:59 AM