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Agenda Bender
Saturday, December 18, 2004  

Without Comment

AIDS Research Chief Altered Safety Report

WASHINGTON - The government's chief AIDS researcher removed some negative safety conclusions from a subordinate's report on a U.S.-funded drug experiment, then ordered the research to resume over objections from his staff, memos show.

As justification, Dr. Edmund Tramont, chief of the National Institutes of Health's AIDS Division, cited his four decades of medical experience and argued that Africans with an AIDS crisis deserved some leniency in meeting U.S. safety standards, according to interviews and documents obtained by The Associated Press.

Tramont's staff, including his top deputy, had urged more scrutiny of the Uganda research site to ensure it overcame record-keeping problems, violations of federal patient safety safeguards and other issues...

..."I am convinced that this site is ready to resume given the limitations of doing research in any resource-poor, underdeveloped country," Tramont wrote July 8, 2003, in response to Fishbein.

"I want this restriction lifted ASAP because this site is now the best in Africa run by black Africans and everyone has worked so hard to get it right as evidenced by the fact that their lab is now certified," he wrote.

S.Africa's ANC Accuses U.S. of AIDS Drug Cover-Up

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's ruling party has accused top U.S. officials of treating Africans like guinea pigs amid questions over testing of a key HIV/AIDS drug before a U.S.-backed roll-out of the treatment across the continent.

But the ANC issued a strong response late on Friday saying President Bush and his government, which distributed the drug across Africa in a high-profile gesture of support for the AIDS-ravaged continent, must be "held accountable" for inaction.

"(U.S. officials) entered into a conspiracy with a pharmaceutical company to tell lies to promote the sales of nevirapine in Africa, with absolutely no consideration of the health impact of those lies on the lives of millions of Africans," the ANC said in its weekly newsletter.

Jesse Jackson calls for investigation into AIDS drug

...Jackson likened the drug's distribution in Africa to the U-S government's 40-year syphilis experiment using poor blacks in Tuskegee, Alabama.

He calls the AIDS drug distribution "a crime against humanity."

Doctors, activists in Africa worried government may halt AIDS drug

KAMPALA, Uganda - Doctors and AIDS activists in Africa are worried governments may halt use of an AIDS drug that has protected thousands of babies from HIV infection in reaction to new concerns about the drug's testing and effect on pregnant women.

The Associated Press revealed this week that testing of the drug nevirapine at Uganda's Mulago Hospital failed to meet international standards and that pregnant women who take the drug once to inhibit passing HIV to their babies may develop resistance to it that can limit drug therapies to combat the deadly disease.

Dr. Saul Onyango, a medical officer involved in the testing, said Thursday that officials were worried about the fallout.

"It's an issue affecting people's lives. A lot of damage has already been done and we need to do damage control," Onyango said.

Dr. Francis Miiro, a key researcher, has dismissed concerns about the testing as discrimination against African scientists and insists the drug works safely.

In South Africa, the Treatment Action Campaign, which lobbied for access to anti-retroviral drugs in that country, warned that reopening debate about the Uganda study could frighten patients off their treatment, even though subsequent research has confirmed nevirapine is safe and effective.

Update: Mr. Reynold's linked this, for which my thanks. Though his take is different than mine--not surprising since my take was left unsaid. The said and the unsaid will forever be at odds. The unsaid always gets the last word, however. It's just very hard to hear.

9:28 PM

Friday, December 17, 2004

Beats Must Flow The Don

You can't possibly care about this (the unwritten but understood intro to every other post on this page, too), but I like falling asleep to dance music. So I'll just cruise through the online dance stations pick one and click on it as I nod off. I just woke from a very fitful two hour nap, though. I picked a station tonight that bedeviled my rest. My wakeful mind kept fighting with my sleeping mind, demanding an answer to the question, "What is this shit?"

It was an infinite set of 120 beats per minute tom-tom metronome disco like I'd never heard in my life. This makes things very easy for the DJ, everything mixes perfectly with everything else, but it was hell on my dream state which was trapped inside a European hammer factory. The only thing I half-way liked and fully recognized was the Deep Dish track with the excellent guitar-echo hook.

My consciousness finally won the battle and forced my sleeping self to rise and look at the screen. It was Wim Wauman's on the wheels of concrete, a Belgium party Viking nonpareil. Wim's exhortation to us all:

Dear unique! people, you can feel that it's right now
Beats must flow true your dirty party mind.
Indeed Hottest Vinyl time.
Enjoy the guestroom facilities.

I'm so true with Wim's Belgic beats, I so want out of the Teu ton-ton club. My party mind never felt so dirty. I wonder if it's quiet in the guestroom facilities. Maybe I could sleep there.

1:12 AM

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"Bernard Kerik Never Fucked Me": Lone New Yorker Unsnagged in Ex-Commish's Love Dragnet Tells Story to Disbelieving World

I dunno, originally I wrote is as Lone New Yorker Overlooked in Ex-Commish's Love Spree...

I think I improved it, but it's always a crap shoot. And then there was the Sex-Commish joke that I couldn't make work to my satisfaction, so I left it out. Which reminds me of a better joke:

It looked so good out this morning when I woke up that I left it out all day.

Jaysus McChrist, how the commissioner used to laugh at that one.

7:21 PM


Marglyn Thatchroe or The Number 10 Year Itch

By transforming the features of Margaret Thatcher into those of Marilyn Monroe, researchers have revealed hints about how our brains put a name to a face.

7:00 PM

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

No Blood For Oeil

Remember those novelty T-shirts that had the image of a tuxedo jacket, shirt and tie printed on them? Was it the 70's, 80's? They made anyone who wore them look like a cartoon bridegroom. I was paging through a catalogue of stock images recently and saw a picture of and old woman sitting on her front stoop next to her Doberman who was wearing that very same trompe l'oeil T. If you didn't think too hard about the subtext, it was a darling shot and would have lightened the tone of your non-profit's newsletter or your corporate brochure in a delightful way.

Just as these trompe l'oeil tights lightened the tone of my non-profitable day in a delightful way. Imagine grandma sitting on the porch next to a dog or a cat or a grandson who was dressed up in one of those classical eyecatchers. Who could help but react to the warm sentiments engendered with an open, unguarded smile?

10:32 PM

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Onomatopoeia Detective

All the Asian guys I know laugh in chat with hehehe. All of them-- Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodians and Chinese among them.

11:13 PM