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Agenda Bender
Friday, February 11, 2005  

You Should Hear What I Said at Davos and Take a Gander at My Domain Name Collection

I wish the left and right bogglesphere would come together (over me) and make me quit my job.

Then I could take over Talon or CNN, depending on the offers.

9:17 PM


What Has Martha Done Now?

Stewart Vows to Appeal Terror Conviction

1:08 PM

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Friendship, Tea and the Light Classics

I like Salon, not enough to pay a rusty dime to read it, but I'll click through the deadbeat obstacle course once a month to earn a free daypass, the red badge of cheapskate. Salon's hairburner-in-chief, David Talbot, is resigning today. He's not much of a writer himself, I mean he's a bad writer, but he was a great pep squad captain and he hired people who wrote better than he did. If I owned stock in Salon I'd crawl across a burning wasteland to bite his toes off. Since I don't I feel free to say, "Good for you, Mr Talbot."

Talbot's trademark weakness is on display in the last paragraph of the NYT's story on his departure:

"I still feel this whole messianic vision," he said. "At its best, Salon is not only progressive and crusading, but also running stories about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. A lot of that joyful spirit has been trashed by recent events, and I think Salon will play a role in reviving it."

Way too vernac, and hackneyed vernac at that. That S, D and R&R trope, in wearisome partic, is nearly thirty years a'moldering. It is a sure sign of no voluptuaries anywhere in the vicin. It is the best friend chastity, sobriety and silence ever had.

1:53 AM

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

In Cars

Lexus is a virus:

A virus may be in your car's future

Daily computer security headaches such as viruses and spam threaten to spread to a far wider range of devices--from phones to car engines, a survey to be published by IBM on Wednesday has found.

...Watch out for viruses that spread to mobile phones, handheld computers, wireless networks and embedded computers which are increasingly used to run basic automobile functions...

...As the average new car runs 20 computer processors and about 60 megabytes of software code, the opportunity for malfunctions, wireless attacks and other security threats was multiplying...

8:49 PM


Hang a Sign Upon The Door

Add to my glacially accruing list of the greatest singles, Don't Disturb This Groove by The System. Spring begins for me every year on the first warm day after Valentines Day that I hear that song on the radio, as I always inevitably do. Even the most suffocating urban formats will find room for that record a few times a year. Those few times most likely clustered around each specific radio market's spring-awakening thaw. It am the breeze, a balmy, exhilarating, blossom-scented one.

And they just had to be gay, right?

Pay attention are you listening
You're my favorite girl
Excuse me for the moment
I'm in another world
(On a mountain) by a fountain
Flowers blooming everywhere
With venus and cupid
The picture's very clear

Hang a sign upon the door, say
Don't disturb this groove

6:14 PM

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hello, It's Meme

The perilous Sean Kinsell has written lately (here and here) about the It's Me scam which is currently Big In Japan. Ratbastard phone bank operators prey on oldsters by (most typically) calling up and pretending to be their grandchildren in trouble and pleading for emergency cash help to be deposited in their bank accounts (ok honorable grandma, write this number down.) Sean thinks there are reasons that the Japanese are particularly susceptible to this fraud, the flip side of respect the young must show elders is the material payback the elders owe the kids, it makes them easy marks for a sob story in young voice. I must be part elderly-Japanese.

But It's Me is a powerful magic spell in its own right, an all-purpose open sesame, the ur social-engineering hack. Savvy tricksters (cops among them) know that it can get doors opened that otherwise would stay closed if those inside knew who the me on the other side really was.

I've noted here before the greatness of Todd Rundgren's Hello, It's Me--its genius as a title and the first line of a song. Rundgren took the hidden-in-plain-sight, intimate prelude to a hundred million phone calls a day, framed it and hung it on the wall. There must be other stealth phrases like it, spoken all the time but somehow hardly ever remembered or celebrated. I want to find me another. Though I suspect Todd R. has already found the best, most profound one.

And when I find it, I will end up owning Japan.

10:36 AM

Sunday, February 06, 2005

In Michael's Defense

He is not the craziest one in his family. He doesn't even place in the top three.

And any time he appears on TV with Geraldo Rivera, he will not be the most preposterous man in the frame.

12:01 AM