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Agenda Bender
Friday, March 18, 2005  

Unafraid of Sony's Ninjas

People want to know my name and what I look like. And by people I mean one person a year (on average). My name is yours for the price of an email. I'm shyer about my face and figure. But lately the AP can't keep its long lenses off me, so I might as well give those up, too.

I fluctuate between black-block shock-tactical glam and silent-witness gandhi-pamby schlub. And some stages in between. The name in the captions is pure artifice--my free-speech-pen name.

12:05 PM


OJ Hires Blake to Find Nicole's Killer

Newly Acquitted Robert Blake Seeks Work

Newly Insane Joyce Brothers Seeks Notice

...Pop psychologist Joyce Brothers called Blake a likable guy who should have no trouble getting work after being embraced by America.

"They will not only accept him back but accept him back in spades," she said. "We are a nation that loves comebacks. We have `Rocky' and `Rocky 2' and `Rocky 3.'" She predicted TV producers "will be fighting for him to be a guest star on an existing TV show or even build something around him."

Brothers said she believes many people sympathize with Blake for wanting to protect the young daughter he had with Bakley. Bakley made a living scamming men out of money with nude pictures of herself and promises of sex.

"He wanted her to grow up in innocence," Brothers said. "Who doesn't want that?"

12:26 AM

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Vengeance or When Student Shoegazers Organize

I've always thought Sonic Youth was a middling idea with lackluster execution (all good bands are a good idea at the core), but that has hardly anything to do with why this article from the University of Pennsylvania's paper made me laugh over my lunch. I'll quote most of it, but you'll probably want to read the whole thing when I tell you that Nick Drake pops in with some thoughts towards the end. I'm cheating here a little by using the continued story headline, not the frontpage one, for my excerpts. This is the headline the Onion would have run with:

Sonic Youth and Cat Power to Play at Fling

Sonic Youth -- an underground punk-rock band -- will headline this year's Spring Fling concert, Social Planning and Events Committee officials announced yesterday.

Lesser-known solo artists Citizen Cope and Cat Power will open for the band.

SPEC Concert directors say they are going for "a whole new feel" this year, as opposed to the hip-hop artists that have performed in the past few years.

...Although the directors say they are extremely excited about the upcoming concert, the news has generated mixed reactions from the rest of the Penn community.

"Who are they?" College freshman Elizabeth Jefferson asked. "I've never heard of them."

...College sophomore Sheila Houser said that "it's great that the University is reaching out to bands that not many people have heard of," while noting that "twenty bucks is a lot to pay for a couple of bands that I don't really know that much about."

...College senior and SPEC Concerts co-director Tom Kurland is anticipating a good response.

"I don't care if people haven't heard of the bands," Kurland said.

"We're really excited because we think this show presents something different and is a unique experience ... we're confident that the event will sell out."

1:12 PM


Little Alexandria

It was not a complete surprise, though it was a terrible shock, when Outlook Express took it upon itself to delete the contents of my most treasured folder yesterday. The program had been crawling with bugs for months. I deleted and compacted like a maniac on the floor, but spam's army of the night always regrouped and stormed at dawn. Outlook just isn't much of a fortress, it kept cracking and I kept patching, until it finally fell early in the morning of March 15. Yes, the very ides. Et tu, Puta? Oh fucking well.

The folder contained several years worth of diligently copied and saved chats. It was my Watts Towers, my own private Kinsey Report, my Dead Sea Scrolls, my Schomberg Collection, my shallow, basement graveyard. I had thought this singular archive would someday be my chief contribution to the culture. Which particular culture I can't say, posterity was going to decide that. Posterity has one less thing to do now. YW, posterity.

I did salvage four tiny, glittering shards from the impact field. And I only managed that after downloading this very handy .dbx extraction tool . Outlook archives its email in .dbx files in the Windows apps folder. To make them humanly readable (and preservable on your own damn terms) you can extract the files and convert them to .eml files. Which is what DBXtractor conveniently does. At the first sign of any instability in Outlook you should extract the contents of all folders you have any interest in preserving into a new desktop folder of .eml copies of your saved stuff.

My darling folder had to die so your worthless crap might live. So it is an Easter story, too.

9:58 AM

Monday, March 14, 2005

Martian Terrain Littered with Kidney Stones of Ancient Astronauts

I release another trillion dollar science-fictional premise into the ungrateful public domain:

(Wired News)... The link between nanobacteria and human diseases was first noticed by Kajander and microbiologist Neva Çiftçioglu in 1998. The researchers had observed, through an electron microscope, nanobacteria particles building shells of calcium phosphate around themselves. They began to investigate whether such particles played a role in causing kidney stones, which are also made of calcium compounds. Sure enough, at the center of several stones was a nanobacteria particle.

...In February, NASA's McKay and Nanobac's Çiftçioglu announced that they had observed nanobacteria growing at five times its normal rate after they placed it in an incubator that simulates the microgravity conditions of space. The findings mean astronauts may be at an elevated risk for kidney stones on long flights -- something NASA is extremely worried about in light of its new plans to send humans to Mars.

4:38 PM

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Pot Calls Kettle Deaf

The disintegration of the IRA's moral stature has a very Irish feel to it. Irish by way of Wilde. Feel by way of Dorian Gray. It's lovely that Peter King has gotten a glimpse of the real picture at last. A wee glimpse:

(AP) In a major departure, Sinn Fein's leading backer in the U.S. Congress called Sunday for the Irish Republican Army to disband because it was standing in the way of peace in Northern Ireland.

Representative Peter King, who for more than two decades has been an ardent supporter of the Sinn Fein-IRA movement, accused the outlawed IRA of making a series of poor decisions that have fueled growing hostility within Irish-American circles.

...He said the IRA's subsequent implication in the Jan. 30 knife slaying of Robert McCartney in Belfast caused much more disgust among rank-and-file American backers of Sinn Fein.

... the IRA, in its latest attempt to defuse criticism of its members' involvement, announced last week it was willing to kill four people it considers responsible.

King said IRA leaders' offer to execute people - which caused widespread outrage in Britain and Ireland - demonstrated "how tone-deaf they are."

Uh, yeah, that too, Peter.

Gerry Adams is also kicking himself over the PR shitstorm. It's the only thing he ever kicks himself over. He's modern that way.

2:22 PM