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Agenda Bender
Thursday, March 24, 2005  

Bounty Hunter Arbitrage

I went looking news photos of the Atlanta Courtroom killer two weeks ago while he was still on the lam. I wondered if he was uh, you know, hot, so I asked Yahoo to find me whatever wire photos were already circulating. At the bottom of the search results Yahoo made me an interesting offer:

Find Brian A Nichols - $9.95 Get current information on this person instantly.

That was good for a low chuckle, but when I went looking for bigger game I learned that Yahoo was smart enough to untie this offer from names of too great note. There were no find Bin Laden Or Al-Zarqawi for $9.95 ads below their results. But it works for most other names of lesser infamy (as long as they are mundane enough). So the laugh is yours for the taking the next time the manhunt for some other fugitive John Doe is getting wall-to-walled and zone-tsunamied on FOX and CNN.

10:41 AM

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Craig's Lips

I'm entertaining offers for lunch/dinner in NYC this coming Friday and Saturday. Dutch treat. Email all solicitations to the send your love link on the left. Only people named Dutch need apply.

4:15 PM


Laverne and Shirley: The Hooking and Lifting Years

The last of Sante Louise Singhrs' twenty-eight aliases got another life sentence yesterday. She now has one each for the left and right coast (I have to believe there is some unsolved Gulf Coast abomination we could hang on her, and probably some cold-cased Great Lakes mayhem, too). Sante Kimes is a saint of true crime in name and nature. One of the greats. You should read every chapter of this precis of Sante's life and felonies, but I'll start you three chapters in with this biographical sketch.

Her father, Rattan, was East Indian; her mother, Mary, was Irish. Sante was the third of four children. After they had migrated to Southern California in the late thirties, her father deserted the family. Their mother then became a prostitute in Los Angeles and the children found themselves in foster homes or in orphanages. Sante, the last to be separated from her mother, ran wild on the streets of the city of angels.

...On the surface, Sandy [alias number one] Chambers appeared to fit in. At Carson High School she got decent grades, was a cheerleader for the basketball team, the historian for the Spanish club, member of the Glee club, and co-editor of the school's newspaper, The Chatter, but was best known for being "boy crazy", a consummate flirt.

...three months later, she married a high school sweetheart, Lee Powers, and divorced him three months after that. After that there would be a six-week secretarial course at a Reno Business School and two years of bouncing around northern California--San Francisco and Sacramento-- with her friend Ruth Tanis, alternating between office work and college courses. By most accounts, it was a grand time.

"We were like Laverne and Shirley let loose in the big city," recalled Ruth Tanis, remembering their salad days.

...Sante eventually returned to Carson City and married another high school admirer, Edward Walker, in 1956. There would be a child from that marriage, Kent, but the union didn't last long. Her husband accused her of stealing and shoplifting and indeed she was arrested in 1961 in Sacramento for petty theft.

Disgraced, she ended the marriage and returned to the streets of Los Angeles where she alternated between prostitution and crime.

Sporked-road talking point: Imagine the Black Dahlia had lived to become a grandmother. Is it possible she had it coming, that her murder was anachronistic justice?

2:26 PM

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Why Bosses Are Funny or Alpha Apes Always Get Big Laughs

The Chief Justice of Penzance is back on the bench. Hilarity counter-sues:

(CNN) A disgruntled client of famous defense attorney Johnnie Cochran provided a high-profile chance for the Supreme Court on Tuesday to weigh the constitutional benefits and pitfalls of injunctions against public speech.

...A judge eventually ruled for Cochran and issued an injunction against Ulysses Tory, setting out a lengthy list of prohibitions against speaking out about the case and the attorney.

...Justice Stephen Breyer offered a hypothetical scenario, wondering whether Tory should be punished if a change of heart led him to publicly support Cochran if the lawyer ran for mayor of San Francisco.

Cole said that in that case, it might be appropriate for Tory to speak out for Cochran, although it would technically violate the injunction.

"I thought he lived in Los Angeles," joked Chief Justice William Rehnquist, to loud laughter. Rehnquist returned to the bench for a second straight day, presiding over oral arguments with his usual stern command of the proceedings, mixed with occasional humor.

6:43 PM


Congress and President Order Elian Gonzalez Back to USA

Unlike Instapundit I have one third of an opinion on the Terri Schiavo case. Removing the feeding tube is barbaric. A lethal injection would be immeasurably more humane (and let this be my written declaration of preference in my own case, whoever it is I may be). But Terri's congressional paramedics (one of whom I saw on FoxNews yesterday morning inserting himself passionately and publicly into Terri's final moments, in between spitting bullets over her husband's faithlessness and possible criminal intent*, and all the while mispronouncing her name) are horrified most by that option. May they all have their feeding tubes ripped from their porkpie holes next election day.

*On strictly plot dynamical terms I am amused by the possibility that this religio/politico/retro-pomo clash might indeed have a criminal act at its origin. It is thoroughly reckless for elected officials to make the imputation against a private citizen, but that doesn't stop me from always wishing that the secret truth is the darkest possible one.

1:52 PM

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Alternate Fiftory

The Eisenflower Generation
Julius and Ethel Mertz
Fred and Ethel Rosenberg
King Elizabeth
Uncle Mame
Ben Him
Get Hur
Algis Hers
The Everly Sisters
Sleep Tight, Little Susie
The Military-Industrial Duplex
Princess Grace Metalious
The Principality of Sunoco
The Wreck of the Andrea Dworkin
Health of the Salesman
Death of the Sales Tax
Polka Bots and Moodbeams
Breakfast at Campobello
Sunrise at Tiffany's
Tea and Rank Carnality
Same Voices, Same Rooms
Cold Case Files in Courage
CSI:The Fifties
Law And Order: Formosa
Cat in the Hot Striped Hat
Cat On the Road
Twelve Angry Cats
Checkers was a cat
Doggie in the Hot Store Window
Rock Hudson and Dorothy Day
Dean Martin and Jerry Lee Lewis
Great Balls of Blue Suede
Good Golly, Mr. Molly
Buddy Holly and the Critics
The Little Bopper
Big Richard
Jesse Garon Presley

7:54 PM