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Agenda Bender
Friday, April 01, 2005  

Hey Little Brother Who's Your Superman? is the only adult site on the WEB devoted to the weddings of gay people. This unique content is an oasis of romance and shocking sex among plenty of plain gay sites. Here you can see not only inspiring declarations of love but also exclusive pictures and videos of the happy couples’ wedding night. You will see everything from shocking wedding orgies to joyful love games of fervent newly weds in luxury hotels. Experienced gays seduce guests who are actually straight right on the wedding parties. You will be first to see this sensation on the Web - the wedding of three gays and also collective weddings! Need unforgettable oceans of passion and unexplored feelings? So it’s the right place for you.

8:13 PM


Goth Spring

An extraordinarily morbid season so far. The slow bicycle deathrace 2005. It's a deathwatch relay. The bluebirds are singing, the vultures are circling. You'll wear the grimmest visage in the Easter cortege.

Who else might be poised to feebly grasp the death's head baton? Sudden decedents don't count. We're looking for lingerers. With good balance. And some fame. Infame will do.

12:10 PM

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

When She's Really Married to Ryan Adams

I need to call up Direct TV and tell them I'm going to cancel my service so they'll give me three free months of Sundance for changing my mind. Again. I could be watching this Ickherian Being John Malkovich right now, if I'd made the call yesterday:

House of Fools (2002) Comedy-drama. Bryan Adams, Sultan Islamov, Yuliya Vsotskaya. Believing her husband is singer Bryan Adams, a psychiatric patient falls in love with a Chechen soldier. (AS, L, N, V) (Stereo)

5:35 PM


Wages for Houseplants

(The Guardian)...In 1997, a team of biologists and economists tried to put a value on the "business services" provided by nature - the free pollination of crops, the air conditioning provided by wild plants, the recycling of nutrients by the oceans. They came up with an estimate of $33 trillion, almost twice the global gross national product for that year. But after what today's report, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, calls "an unprecedented period of spending Earth's natural bounty" it was time to check the accounts.

1:38 PM

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What They Do at Ragazzo U.

They were just asking for rampant laddism when they named the place Chico State. Begging for it, really:

(Reuters) - A California university, once ranked by Playboy magazine as the top U.S. party school, is probing a fraternity for a party where a hard-core sex film was made, a school spokesman said on Monday.

California State University Chico has suspended its 25-member chapter of Phi Kappa Tau, while it investigates the party at which professional porn actors were filmed having sex last October, said school spokesman Joe Wills.

Shane's World, a Southern California maker of adult films, including ones featuring partying college students, provided four female and two male actors for the film, a spokeswoman said.

A trailer of the toga-themed film, on sale on DVD for $24.95, appears on the filmmaker's Web site. Three Chico State students had sex on film, said Shane's World spokeswoman Nicole Henderson.

...Film company spokeswoman Henderson said the filmmaker is contacted for its films by college students, who must verify they are older than 18 and sign release forms to be at parties and appear in its "College Invasion" series of films.

I think the Chico State spokesman should invade the Shane's World spokeswoman. Why shouldn't the administration get some of the action?

Reuters was too busy playing with itself to give you the link to the trailer. I've finished playing with myself, so I can afford to be more generous. It's one of the flicks on this page. Why not sample them all?

I invite Shane's World to use this blurb on their next box:

Instructive and amusing. Will do more for college admissions than dumbing the SAT's down to the basement. Will do more for frat-house basements than shag rugs and drop ceilings.
-Agenda Bender

7:54 PM

Monday, March 28, 2005

The Sexchaton Immamentized

I have petitioned the Santa Barbara district court (and the World Court at the Hague) to remove Elizabeth Taylor from Michael Jackson's proximity so that he might expire as I know he would have wished, if he were competent to express those wishes himself:

(AP)...When Jesse Jackson noted how thin he is, the pop star replied that he has never been a big eater, something he said has always concerned his mother and others, including actress Elizabeth Taylor, a friend.

"Elizabeth Taylor used to feed me, to hand-feed me, at times," he said.

Some day all possible celebrity scandals (past, present and future) will converge and the swingularity will be realized.

1:24 AM

Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Man with His Finger On the Button

You just know Drudge has been riding that send button hard all weekend, and he's probably gonna put it up wet when he finally hits it with whatever Terri Schiavo headline he's poured his essence into. Most Likely:


Or maybe the more somber:


Or perhaps the more poetic:


Or the non-likely:


10:52 PM