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Agenda Bender
Saturday, January 14, 2006  

Ass Kisser or High-Jinxer?

Is this guy, the unnamed Iranian colleague, Persia's greatest living sycophanatic or the undisputed, anonymous world champion of sucker-making?

(Telegraph)...In a video distributed by an Iranian web site in November, Mr Ahmadinejad described how one of his Iranian colleagues had claimed to have seen a glow of light around the president as he began his speech to the UN.

"I felt it myself too," Mr Ahmadinejad recounts. "I felt that all of a sudden the atmosphere changed there. And for 27-28 minutes all the leaders did not blink...It's not an exaggeration, because I was looking.

"They were astonished, as if a hand held them there and made them sit. It had opened their eyes and ears for the message of the Islamic Republic."

Odds are the colleague's ass kisses are heartfelt, or at least fear-and-main-chance-felt, but Ahmadinejad is clearly a mark for all seasons, so there does remain the possibility that someone over there recognizes this and is fucking with the dude as Allah intended. Every day he joke-strokes Ahmadinejad with an astonished recital of the latest proof of his leader's casually miraculous nature.

"Mr. President, I had the great fortune to follow you in the use of the executive facilities this morning, Allah be praised, and the scent I encountered upon entry was as if the perfumes of 70 virgins was mixed with the brewing nectars of pomengranates, dates and figs harvested in the very gardens of Mxplixopex. But most gob-smacking of all, Johnny B. Goode, when I went to the mirror to wash my unworthy mits and adjust my holy headgear, there in the mirror your image lingered, though you had been gone from that low but necessary place for upwards of five, call it ten, minutes. And oh, the glow that surrounded your joyfully imprisoned mug, as well the look of immeasurable wisdom and stern benevolence that regarded me, wavering there in that silvered glass."

"Why yes, it is indeed wonderful that you should mention the heavenly odor for I smelt it too. But this other thing is most remarkable. Certainly my own face looked back me when I stood at the place of ablution and reflection, but that it remained there for some moments afterward is a circumstance of true portent, Allah be apprised. Wait till I tell the U. N.!"

11:50 PM

Thursday, January 12, 2006

What Is News?

It occured to me while reading this story that the phrase "Italian boys" does not find its way into news stories as often as it might. Or should. A Google News search could find only three other stories that paid any attention to the young dudes of Italia. The ragazzi aren't newsworthy? The history of the world would suggest otherwise. Then again, is it really news at all that they like nice shoes?

Real life beyond beauty's old walls, Ireland - Dec 31, 2005
... patent shoes with little hearts. Better on my feet than on my sleeve. They go for the shoes, these Italian boys. On the slow boat to ...

Young Spaniards turn to ‘big bottle’ binge drinking
The Sunday Times, UK - Dec 31, 2005
... The number of Italian boys aged 14-17 who regularly hit the bottle rose 31% between 1995 and 2000; the number of girls doing the same more than doubled. ...

The Great Black Hope
The New York Review of Books - Dec 23, 2005
... There were flyweights, like Benny Leonard, who was a counterpart of Riki Dozen for Jewish kids tired of getting beaten up by bigger Irish or Italian boys. ...

10:27 PM

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Show Called Utah

SALT LAKE CITY - A movie theater owned by Utah Jazz owner Larry Miller abruptly changed its screening plans and decided not to show the film "Brokeback Mountain." The film, an R-rated Western gay romance story, was supposed to open Friday at the Megaplex at Jordan Commons in Sandy, a suburb of Salt Lake City. Instead it was pulled from the schedule.

...Gayle Ruzicka, president of the conservative Utah Eagle Forum, said not showing the film set an example for the people of Utah.

"I just think (pulling the show) tells the young people especially that maybe there is something wrong with this show," she said.

And therefore really worth the effort of driving into Salt Lake City to see.

8:26 PM